Our trip through the Northern Black Forest continues and the question today is…..what and where the heck is Mummelsee? And no – it’s not a spelling error, this is the lake’s real name. According to a legend, the Mummelsee is inhabited by a Nix and the underwater king of the Mummelsee. The king lives beneath […]

Beautiful Baden-Baden

Its a funny name, but who hasn’t heard of Baden-Baden…second-most beautiful city in the state, horse-racing, spas, casino, beautiful people, high-society, warm climate, lots of history, and considered the ‘smallest metropolis’ in the world. Visitors like Napoleon, Brahms, Dostojewski, Tolstoi, Queen Victoria and modern-day celebrities like Sean Connery and others have helped give Baden-Baden the […]

Markgraeflerland? Never heard of it…..

The so-called area of Markgraeflerland is located at the southern end of the Black Forest. It’s the region between the Rhine and the mountains of the Black Forest, stretching from Freiburg to the Swiss border at Basle. The margraves of Baden who ruled here centuries ago gave this region its name. Markgraeflerland is often referred […]

Freiburg – warmest and sunniest city in Germany

Considered the warmest and sunniest city in Germany, Freiburg is the perfect city to stay in while visiting the Black Forest. Freiburg is a well-known university town and has a population of about 200,000. Though heavily bombed in World War 2 the old town has been beautifullly restored and has preserved much of its medieval […]

Lakes in the Black Forest

Today is probably not the best day to give a quick overview on some of the lakes in the Black Forest – considering that we are in the middle of fall! The first snow is here and Feldberg is covered in 15 cm of white fluffy snow. But why not start dreaming of hot summer […]

Wanna ‘Live like a German’?

If you have always wanted to visit Germany but always thought it might be difficult to organize the trip, we have found the perfect solution for you.  “Live Like a German” is a website which helps you plan your entire trip – from flights, hotels, tours, train tickets, car rentals, apartment rentals, day trips – […]

Mountain Coaster ride Black Forest

There are many mountain coasters in Germany and specifically in the Black Forest. Many of them aren’t that exciting. The one we really like is in the Southern Black Forest. The ride is almost 3 km long and super exciting with tons of sharp bends and a few mesmerising 360º turns. The best thing is that […]

Celebrations in the Black Forest

If you are not sure when to visit this area you might want to see if there is a public holiday during the time frame you are considering for your Black Forest vacation. If that’s the case if it always a good time to visit. Because public holidays usually mean that there are tons of […]

French mountain biker wins the Black Forest race

If you are lucky enough to be in the Black Forest this holiday weekend (Monday is a holiday!) we hope you were able to stop by at the Mountain Bike World Cup in Offenburg today. With sunshine, blue skies and 25 degrees Celsius it was a perfect day for this race. Have a look at […]

Spargelzeit is here

Spargel (shpag’-el) is the German name for asparagus and if you have been to Germany in Spring you know that April marks the beginning of Spargelzeit (asparagus season). Whereas green asparagus is available in the US year-round, (white) asparagus in Germany is very seasonal. Just as apples are a sign of fall season, asparagus marks […]