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Lakes in the Black Forest

Today is probably not the best day to give a quick overview on some of the lakes in the Black Forest – considering that we are in the middle of fall! The first snow is here and Feldberg is covered in 15 cm of white fluffy snow. But why not start dreaming of hot summer days to spend on the shore of a nice cool lake? So here we go:

If you’ve visited the Black Forest already, there is a pretty high chance that you’ve been to lake Titisee.  Being the largest natural lake, Titisee is THE hot spot in the Black Forest – a high altitude spa resort with plenty of fancy hotels catering to anyone seeking wellness, relaxation and the outdoors.


Yachting? Taking a cruise? Surfing? Swimming? Boating? Sunbathing? anything is possible at Titisee.  In winter some parts of the lake are even open of iceskating.  But if you don’t feel like being one of the 2 mio visitors per year you might want to venture out a bit and discover some of the lesser-known lakes. Believe me – there are plenty of them. During one of our typical Black Forest sightseeing tours we’ll give you the opportunity to see as many lakes as you like!

Lake Schluchsee is the largest lake in the Black Forest – 7,3 kilometres long and 1,4 kilometres wide. Initially Schluchsee was a much smaller lake of glacial origin but then doubled in size and turned  into a reservoir due to the building of a dam in the 1930s. I always have the feeling that the tourists go to Lake Titisee, whereas the locals go to Lake Schluchsee.


My absolute favorite lake in this area is Lake Schlüchtsee. It’s located very close to Lake Schluchsee (and the Rothaus brewery!) but very small in comparison. Half of the lake is closed off to swimmers due to the presence of a nature reservoir. I love this lake – it’s small, clean, and the whole set-up reminds me of the 70s.


At the foot of the Feldberg (the highest mountain in the Black Forest) lies lake Feldsee – a glacial lake which the Feldberg glacier dug out in the last Ice Age. This little lake is located at 1,109 metres and looks up to the high walls of Feldberg. Unfortunately bathing is prohibited in this 32 metres deep lake in order to protect a rare plant species which grows only in this lake and nowhere else in Germany. A must see!


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