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Self-Guided Tours

If you are traveling on your own by car or by train, our self-guided tours enable you to navigate through one of the most beautiful area in Germany without needing to speak a word of German. Using your smartphone, our 2gotours touring app will guide you with directions and recommendations only a native can provide. Our mobile app tells you where to go, what routes to take, where to stop, where to eat and what to see. Our self-guided tours are the independent way to tour the Black Forest region. The app only requires GPS to function. It does not require a data plan or access to a mobile network. You only need to download the app before setting out on your tour.

We will be adding more tours over time.

Ravenna Gorge Hike
A short train ride away from Freiburg you have the chance to hike famous Ravenna Gorge – a real Black Forest Experience. We provide you with all info you need to do this 8 km hike on your own. With our self-guided tour it is easy to follow the hiking trail on your own. Our app tracks your position so you always know where you are and where to go next. You are in for a real treat!
3-5 hours
about 8 km
Included: self-guided audio tour
Guided tours are great – but they often are booked out on your day of visit. Therefore we have launched a touring app which enables you to explore Freiburg on your own. Our self-guided audio tour is not your typical city walk – instead, we try to keep our tour fun and entertaining and not overwhelm you with lots of historical data
2 hours
sightseeing, easy walking
about 2 km
Included: self-guided audio tour