Legal Terms (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen, AGBs)

1. Gästeführungen und Tagesreisen

  • Für Gästeführungen und Tagesreisen stehen Ihnen hier unsere AGBs als Download zur Verfügung:


2. Reiseleistungen

  • Für Reiseleistungen im Sinne einer Pauschalreise stehen Ihnen hier unsere Reisebedingungen als Download zur Verfügung:


  • Das Formblatt zur Unterrichtung des Reisenden bei einer Pauschalreise erhalten Sie elektronisch vor Buchung.
  • Der Sicherungsschein für Pauschalreisen geht Ihnen nach der Buchung per Email zu

Dear English-Speaking Guests,

Downpayment / Full payment

  • When we send you a booking confirmation we require a downpayment of 20%
  • The remaining amount is due 4 weeks prior to touring with us
  • If your tour is less than 4 weeks away the full amount is due at time of booking
  • In the case of packages with hotel a non-refundable service fee of 100 Euro may be due when booking a tour
  • Payments can be made by credit card or wire transfer. We do not accept cash payments on the day of touring.

Service Fee.

When booking a multiple day tour with hotels a Service Fee of 100 Euro may be due at the time of booking.

  • This fee will be credited back to you when we successfully book a tour – you will then see a credit of 100€ on your invoice.
  • If you decide to cancel your tour after we have confirm it, the service fee will not be refunded.
  • If we cannot confirm a tour you receive a refund of 100€ to your credit card.

Credit Card Processing Fees

Please note that both both credit card charges and refunds incur a processing fee of 2,9%. This fee will increase to 3,25% for payments made after April 10, 2023

Overview of our Cancelation Policy

You can cancel your tour at any time prior to the date of your tour(s). However, certain fees may apply upon cancellation as explained below. We require your cancellation notice in writing (email) in order to avoid misunderstandings. Phone calls and voice messages will not be accepted. Cancellation-date is the date we receive your written notice. Tour-date is the first day of your tour(s).

The following fees are calculated as a percentage of your tour cost:

  • 20% regardless of cancellation-date (31 days prior or more)
  • 25% if cancellation-date is 30 to 21 days prior to tour-date
  • 40% if cancellation-date is 20 to 12 days prior to tour-date
  • 70% if cancellation-date is 11 to 3 days prior to tour-date
  • 90% if cancellation-date is 2 or less days prior to tour-date
  • 90% in case of no-show

Change Fee for Rebooking & Changes to a confirmed tour

  • A change fee of 125 Euro is due if rebooking or changes occur 10 or more days prior to tour start
  • If rebooking occurs less than 10 days prior to tour start our regular cancelation fees apply

Please refer to the detailed terms and services which you can download from the links above

We strongly recommend you obtain a travel insurance policy in your country that will cover cancelations and interruptions of your trip,  accidents or illnesses, emergency medical evacuation, loss of luggage or personal effects, and other coverage.