Legal Terms (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen, AGBs)

Sehr geehrte Gäste,


Dear English-Speaking Guests,

The translation of our terms & conditions can be downloaded here: Black Forest Tours Legal Terms and Conditions (English).  Please note that the English translation is meant solely for your better understanding. The legally binding version is in Germany and can be downloaded here: Black Forest Tours Reisebedingungen.

Overview of our cancellation Policy. You can cancel your tour at any time prior to the date of your tour(s). However, certain fees may apply upon cancellation as explained below. We require your cancellation notice in writing (email) in order to avoid misunderstandings. Phone calls and voice messages will not be accepted.

We strongly recommend you obtain travel insurance policy that will cover cancellations and interruptions,  accidents or illnesses, emergency medical evacuation, loss of luggage or personal effects, and other coverage.

Cancellation-date is the date we receive your written notice.
Tour-date is the first day of your tour(s).

The following fees are calculated as a percentage % of your tour cost:
a) 15% regardless of cancellation-date (31 days prior or more)
b) 25% if cancellation-date is 30 to 21 days prior to tour-date
c) 40% if cancellation-date is 20 to 12 days prior to tour-date
d) 70% if cancellation-date is 11 to 3 days prior to tour-date
e) 90% if cancellation-date is 2 or less days prior to tour-date
e) 90% in case of no-show

Again, we strongly recommend obtaining travel insurance prior to booking your trip.




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