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Markgraeflerland? Never heard of it…..

The so-called area of Markgraeflerland is located at the southern end of the Black Forest. It’s the region between the Rhine and the mountains of the Black Forest, stretching from Freiburg to the Swiss border at Basle. The margraves of Baden who ruled here centuries ago gave this region its name.

Markgraeflerland is often referred to as ‘Tuscany of Germany‘ – due to its mild, sunny climate, gourmet food and fine wines. The Baden Wine Road goes for miles and passes by dozens of wineries inviting you to some wine tastings. Wine festivals are being celebrated all over this area starting in late summer and lasting for weeks. The  Gutedel grapes are typical for this particular wine region in Germany and produce a light white wine, also known as Fendant (in Switzerland) or Chasselas (in France).

Muenstertal is a beautiful valley in the Markgraeflerland with the monastery St Trudpert – its origins dating back to the 7th century and a must-see during your stay in the Black Forest. Today Muenstertal is a health resort stretching down a beautiful long valley of about 6 kilometers.

Our winery tours take you to the area of Markgraeflerland and Kaiserstuhl. If time allows, a quick stop in Muenstertal with it’s beautiful monastery can be organized.

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