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Our trip through the Northern Black Forest continues and the question today is…..what and where the heck is Mummelsee? And no – it’s not a spelling error, this is the lake’s real name.

According to a legend, the Mummelsee is inhabited by a Nix and the underwater king of the Mummelsee. The king lives beneath the water and dragged down women to his underwater kingdom many years ago.

Mummelsee view

Mummelsee is located in the Northern Black Forest – a straight 40 minute on the Black Forest High Road between Freudenstadt and Baden-Baden. The Hornisgrinde mountain (the highest mountain in the Northern Black Forest) overlooks lakes Mummelsee and provides an unbelievably scenic background.

The lake is a very popular destination for tourists and people who want to get out of town on the weekend. Right now the lake is still frozen but the brand new Mummelsee hotel is a good place to stop and warm up. Take in the scenery from a comfy chair and enjoy the view while sipping a good glass of wine (or tea for that matter- considering how cold it is today). There is also a pretty good gift shop next to the hotel where you can find everything related to the Black Forest – from a cuckoo clock to one of the famous pom pom hats. Ever other day they are also baking bread right outside the hotel – and if you are lucky you can taste it and take one along.

The newly opened Mummelsee hotel is also a great destination if you want to get away from it all for a night. Rooms are super nice (and new!) and can accommodate a whole family. In the evening the tourists leave and you can enjoy the lake in front row – right from your balcony. Swimming is allowed and renting a boat is another thing you can do.

Frozen Mummelsee in winter

Mummelsee is one of seven cirque lakes (Karsee) in the Black Forest, a leftover from the last ice ages. What’s special about Mummelsee is that it’s not only the deepest (17 metres) lake of the seven, but also the biggest one (800 metres diametre). No other lake in the Black Forest is located at this height (1035 metres).

For more pictures of the Mummelsee click here or on the picture to the left.

If you are interested in visiting Mummelsee during your Germany vacation let us know and we’ll make sure to include a stop on our tour when sightseeing the Northern Black Forest with you!

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