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If you do not see yourself buying a cookie-cutter tour or vacation package in which you are on a bus with 49 other tourists; stopping at every road-side attraction whether you want to or not, with hectic deadlines, eating when and where everybody else eats. Then our Guided Tours are for you!

  • Its your agenda…
  • Your specific wants and needs
  • Find the hidden gems
  • Get the inside-scoop
  • Experience it like a local
  • Have a local guide on your side
Black Forest Tours at Carneval
We offer experiences that are custom-tailored to you – worry-free, hassle-free and (if desired) non-touristy. With our Guided Tour (its not just another tour) the goal is not another budget tour, but rather to create an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience that is priceless. Come and see the real Black Forest, as only locals can show you.
▪ Season: spring, summer, fall
3-5 hours, 1 day, (add on more days)
sightseeing, easy walking, customized
guided, with driver
Are you more interested in food than history? If you need a break from history, castles, and cuckoo clocks, Freiburg is definitely worth visiting simply for it’s culinary excellence. Our Culinary tours make sure that you get a taste of every local specialty there is. If you want an on-ramp to experience the culinary culture, this tour is for you.
▪ Season: spring, summer, fall
2 hours
easy walking, Culinary
freiburg wine tasting
According to Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel 2022’ Freiburg is considered one of the the top 3 cities in the world to visit. We believe your visit to the Black Forest is not complete unless you spend some time in its capital Freiburg. On our walking tour of Germany’s warmest and sunniest town you will realize that there is probably no better town in Germany to live in.
▪ Season: spring, summer, fall, winter
1-2 hours
sightseeing, easy walking