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Beautiful Baden-Baden

Its a funny name, but who hasn’t heard of Baden-Baden…second-most beautiful city in the state, horse-racing, spas, casino, beautiful people, high-society, warm climate, lots of history, and considered the ‘smallest metropolis’ in the world.

Visitors like Napoleon, Brahms, Dostojewski, Tolstoi, Queen Victoria and modern-day celebrities like Sean Connery and others have helped give Baden-Baden the reputation of the most elegant and sophisticated playground in Germany. In fact it seems like a town made for a James Bond movie, with its world-famous Casino, 5 star hotels. It seems we are not the only ones who feel that way. Baden-Baden review on Tripadvisor.

Baden-Baden is also home to The International Horse Races, thermal spas Friedrichsbad and Caracalla, the Kurhaus, museums and some of the most beautiful 5 star hotels in the world.

A visit to the Black Forest isn’t complete without having a walk around this town of only 54,000 residents.

About that funny name; The Romans built the original hot spring baths here, parts of which can still be seen. “Bad” is German for “bath”. “Baden” is the plural “Baths”. But the other Baden was the name given to the area (state). Since there are many “Bad” towns (towns with hot springs) in Germany, Baden-Baden was the name used to distinguish that town from all the other towns with baths, thus the town of Baden in the territory of Baden. We thinks its just because Baden-Baden was easy to say. Baden-Baden was formally name in 1931, which is not actually that long ago.

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Tip: Since Baden-Baden is a small town with a big reputation, hotels are very expensive – everything is expensive. However nearby to the south on the Autobahn is the town of Kehl. Kehl (Germany) has cheaper hotels and is located so you can also visit Strasbourg just across the border in France. In fact Kehl is ideally located for your base-camp from which you can explore most of The Black Forest and beyond. What could better?