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Celebrations in the Black Forest

If you are not sure when to visit this area you might want to see if there is a public holiday during the time frame you are considering for your Black Forest vacation. If that’s the case if it always a good time to visit. Because public holidays usually mean that there are tons of celebrations going on all over the area. A quick look into the local events calendar will tell you in which town you can encounter a parade with people wearing traditional costumes or a procession of some sort. On Sundays there are festivals happening everywhere because people always find a reason to celebrate. (we also have an events calendar on our website which we update regularly)

Last week we ran into a Fronleichnam (Corpus Christi) procession in a small town in the Black Forest which is famous for its approximately 1 km long Flower Carpet. Everyone in the town is supposed to get involved. The different streets in town get assigned a specific portion of the carpet. That means if you live in that specific street you will start to collect flowers a week prior to the event. The night before the event people lay the flower carpet within designed patterns and motifs. On the day of the event people get up at 5 AM to finish the carpet. By 9 AM the project is done and the procession can begin! If you have never seen a flower carpet have a look at the pictures we took – you are in for a treat!