Is this for me?

A large portion of The Black Forest is inaccessible to Non-Germans.

So you don’t see yourself buying a cookie-cutter vacation package. You don’t see yourself on a bus with 50 other people; hitting every tourist spot whether you like it or not, with hectic deadlines, eating when and where everybody else eats.
You would rather figure out your own trip, but then you are limited to those things written about in only a few guide books. Guide books try to be comprehensive, encompassing all of Germany, and by necessity, contain only a few highlights of The Black Forest. And while The Black Forest is one of Germany’s biggest holiday region, English is not spoken in many places. For example, many tour attractions do not offer tours in english. The main target group are Germans.

You have found the right partner.

I listen to your wants and needs, then provide options from which you can choose what to see and at a pace appropriate for you. Flexibility – so that you can experience The Black Forest like a local. Because you can change your mind depending on what each day brings, there is no stress. With Black Forest Tours I specialize in small groups and individuals so that I can cater to you.

I will determine with you, exactly what you feel you can do by yourself, so that you have the freedom to have as much or as little guidance as you feel is appropriate.

So if you feel a bit overwhelmed, running short on time to plan, concerns about the Germany language, German menus and German customs, you are in good company. With Black Forest Tours you have the freedom to do your own thing while having me around to guide you when needed. I am super flexible and I try to design a stay that fits your particular travel style. If you are still not sure if this is for you – I have many satisfied clients for references. Please contact me and I will put you in touch with people who have toured with me before.