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Black Forest Tours by Locals

Press Coverage & Awards

Lonely Planet Magazine’s February 2018 Edition ’52 Best Weekends Away′: I am very excited that our Black Forest Hiking Trail has been featured in Lonely Planet Magazine’s February 2018 Edition as one of ’52 Best Weekends Away 2018′: Wizz Magazine’s 2019 October Edition: Wizz Magazine visited the Black Forest in summer of 2019. The article describing our road trip together was published in the October 2019 edition of Wizz: Germany National Tourist Office, 2020 Resource Guide: Tripadvisor Hall of Fame Award: Tripadvisor Travellers Choice: Award 2020: Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence 2015-2019:

Oct 4, 2021 – Touring Update

Exciting! 2022 dates filling up now We are excited that peopel are starting to plan their travels again. That being said, we have started to fill our calenders with bookings for next year. It seems that many people are eager to start planning their next vacation so we have now opened up our calendars for 2022 and 2023. Several dates in May and June of 2022 are already booked which gives us some confidence that touring will really come back next year. Booking Terms Good to know: at the moment there is no deposit required to reserve a tour for 2022. You can reserve your tour now and pay the deposit in December of this year. If you change your mind by then you can easily cancel your tour without any fees We hope this makes your travel planning easy and hassle free. New 2022 packages being announced soon! We are really excited about new tour packages we have been working on over the past few months. Those will be available on our website end …

Lucerne Day Trips

Switzerland Tour Package

From May to October our Black Forest Vacation Package is the perfect choice if you like to explore on your own with the option to have some guidance. There are some must-see touristy sights and you will certainly see them. But we also provide you with an itinerary for off the beaten path experiences. We take care of it all – starting at 3 days/4 nights.

Winter Tours

November through March are considered winter months in the Black Forest. During these months, skiers take over the mountains and many typical tourist attractions are closed. We are still out touring because there are many things to explore even in winter. Just make sure to dress warm and be ready for some rain or snow if you want to see the Black Forest in its full winter glory.

Cuckoo clock of The Black Forest Germany

Tours from Freiburg of The Black Forest Germany

If you are arriving in one of the nearby cities and wish to book one of our Black Forest tours, we can make arrangements to meet or tour according to your agenda. For example: tours from Stuttgart, day trips from Zurich, Offenburg day trips, best day trips from Strasbourg, day tours from Basel Switzerland, tours from Baden Baden Germany. We only offer customized tours, so there is no cookie-cutter tour packages to join, each visitor has their interests and therefore, we intend to make your visit unique. Book a tour here Some of the areas and towns we can visit and Things To Do in The Black Forest are: Renchtal, Kinzigtal, Höllental (also called “Hell’s Valley“) Titisee, Schluchtsee, Mummelsee, Hornberg, Gutach, buy a Cuckoo Clock in Triberg and see the largest waterfall in Germany, visit the Badische Weinstrasse, Hornisgrinde, Kniebis, Freudenstadt, Freiburg Münsterplatz, drive the Panorama Road (Schwarzwald Hochstrasse), Schiltach, Alpersbach, Todnau Waterfalls and side the Todnau mountain coaster, Feldberg and Feldsee, hike the Ravenna Gorge (Ravennaschlucht), eat some Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte), recuperate …

Schnapps Trail Tour

Interested in touring the schnapps areas of Germany? Schnapps tastings have always been included in our tours, but recently we see more and more interest specifically in schnapps. So we can orient a tour focused on the many schnapps distilleries (called Brennerei). To new-comers, schnapps may require an orientation, because few people know that there are two different types of Schnapps. Germans know nothing about American schnapps and typically, Americans know nothing about German schnapps. Both are often surprised that the other exists – and disturbed that these two very different beverages go by the same name. So if you are from North America and visiting us in The Black Forest, you should set aside your notions – that schnapps is sweet for example. German Schnapps is pure distillate of fruit, similar to a brandy, whereas American Schnapps’ includes added sugar and are often labeled liqueur. American’s use Peppermint Schnapps in (usually cold) mixed drinks, whereas Germans drink schnapps of every fruit flavor, straight and at room temperature. Schnapps in Germany is made mostly from …

A Treatise on Tourism

An experience is a private thing. (we don’t do mass-tourism and this is why)… Are you looking forward to seeing another cathedral? Are you going to wait in line to visit another museum? Will you really pause to read the inscription on another monument to some dead person? It sounds like you are a mass-tourist. Why are you doing this? Who convinced you that this is what you should be doing with your spare time? Your children hate it too. Mass-tourism is boring. That kind of tourism kills what it loves as someone has eloquently put it. A bit of tourism is healthy and beneficial to all. But the balance between just right and too much is precarious, and in the recent years the scale is tipping over to the decidedly negative. Didn’t you come to this place to experience something of a place far from home? That is very different from walking through a museum so you can tell the folks back home “you did it”. Stop being a mass-tourist. Think about how you …

Is the Neuschwanstein castle in the Black Forest?

Answer is No. Neuschwanstein castle is not in The Black Forest. Neuschwanstein castle is located 5 hours to the east of The Black Forest. I get a lot of inquiries about tours for The Black Forest from people who are located in Munich and planning to tour nearby Neuschwanstein castle. They wonder if they can just do a quick tour of The Black Forest. Unfortunately not same-day! Certainly we can arrange a tour for you. Just be aware that its not something you can do in 1 day round-trip. If you plan to drive to The Black Forest area and not return to Munich the same day, I can suggest some very nice hotels that would locate you in the more scenic or interesting parts of The Black Forest – depending on your preferences – what you would like to do or see. Let me know how I can help arrange a tour of The Black Forest for you.  Book your tour. To be clear, Neuschwanstein castle is located in Bavaria. Bavaria is a state …