A Treatise on Tourism

An experience is a private thing. (we don’t do mass tourism and this is why)

Are you looking forward to seeing another cathedral? Are you going to wait in line to visit another museum? Pause to read the inscription on another monument to some dead person? It sounds like you are a tourist on a tour. Why are you doing this? Who convinced you that this is what you should be doing with your spare time? Your children hate it too. Its boring.

That kind of tourism kills what it loves as someone has eloquently put it. A bit of tourism is healthy and beneficial to all. But the balance between just right and too much is precarious, and in the recent years the scale is tipping over to the decidedly negative.

You came to experience something of a place far from home. That is very different from walking through a museum so you can tell the folks back home “you did it”. Stop being a tourist. Think about how you travel and how you behave as a visitor.

Think before you post something online, before you take the next selfie.

Consider who you are posting your travel log for? Do you really need to tell the world about it? And what if it does go viral? Will that make you happy – to know that you helped destroy other people’s lives. Whoa! Did you just read that correctly?

Yes! Consider this. Why do you want the rest of the world to invade this beautiful little town (you just discovered)? One million more visitors are not going to make this a more beautiful little town.

One million more visitors will cause hotel chain to replace local family owned hotels. Those corporate hotel chains drive down prices, which may seem good to you until you realize that those lower prices are, by design, destroying the locally owned and operated hotels and the livelihood of the locals that work there. Soon everyone is reduced to minimum wage work – for a faceless multinational corporation – all because of an online posting.

Venice was once a special place to visit. Now it has no local residents. Its just chains and shops and cruise ships. You can get most of what it has to offer at the your home-town mall.

The Internet is certainly enabling this destruction of beautiful little towns and local economies. It may have helped you find the beautiful little town. But why detail that on Google, so that another faceless multinational corporation makes more money? What is really in this for you and your fellow travelers? Why not let them discover the beautiful little town the same way you did? They will be happy you did (not post it online).

We offer experiences. An experience is a private thing.