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Tour Schauinsland

A lot of people ask me about Schauinsland because they saw it online on other tour websites. Schauinsland is one of several mountains surrounding Freiburg, which has a gondola to a sight-seeing tower, 2 wind turbines, and a road that was the birthplace of hill-climb racing. The races are ancient history now. Schauinsland has the nearest ski slopes to Freiburg in the winter. But with bigger skiing only a short drive away in Switzerland, Schauinsland becomes the weekend playground for the locals in winter.

We drive up the Schauinsland road to get to other places, but otherwise there is nothing really special that would lead one to go there when visiting the area. The views area OK, but not “soul-stirring” as Lonely Planet says. There are much better views in The Black Forest. Schauinsland is not really a destination for your visit unless you have nothing else to do for the next 5 hours but take cable car ride (weather permitting).

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