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Is Bavaria in the Black Forest?

Answer is No. Bavaria (and Munich) are not in The Black Forest.

How far is it from Munich to The Black Forest? Answer: about 5 hours drive by car or 6+ hours by train.

I get a lot of inquiries about tours from Munich to The Black Forest, (Munich is located in Bavaria). Mostly people who don’t realize how far away Munich is, sometimes think they can just do a quick tour of The Black Forest. Unfortunately its about a 5 hour drive or a 6+ hour train ride to the Black Forest area from Munich one-way.

Certainly we can arrange a tour for you. Just be aware that its not something you can do in 1 day round-trip. If you plan to drive to The Black Forest area and not return to Munich the same day, I can suggest some very nice hotels that would locate you in the more scenic or interesting parts of The Black Forest – depending on your preferences – what you would like to do or see.

To be clear, Bavaria is a state and Munich is the central city in Bavaria. Some of the confusion about distances results because the state of Bavaria extends up to, and borders with the state of Baden-Württemberg, in which The Black Forest is located – so that may cause one to think The Black Forest is in or close to Bavaria, but the locals on both sides of the border will tell you, they are very far apart in both distance and culture.

Let me know how I can help arrange a tour of The Black Forest for you.

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Please! If you are driving yourself and trying to quickly visit The Black Forest from Munich in one day, this is a dangerous strategy. Every year we see tourists killed in terrible car accidents on the mountain roads here because they a) are not accustomed to driving in mountains, and b) the don’t know how to drive on German roads with Germans, c) while they are also tired because they underestimated the distance and time and stress of the drive. Its not worth it! If you don’t have the time, don’t ruin a lot of peoples lives including your own family’s. Remember , its supposed to be a vacation which takes pleasant memories back home.

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