Latest News (Feb 26, 2022)

After 2 years with little activity it looks like 2022 might be the year where visiting the Black Forest is fun again! Germany has lifted many restrictions for tourists and we have started to book tours for this upcoming season. May and September are almost completely booked and we believe this is a good sign! […]

Winter Tours


November through March are considered winter months in the Black Forest. During these months, skiers take over the mountains and many typical tourist attractions are closed. We are still out touring because there are many things to explore even in winter. Just make sure to dress warm and be ready for some rain or snow if you want to see the Black Forest in its full winter glory.

Tours from Freiburg of The Black Forest Germany

If you are arriving in one of the nearby cities and wish to book one of our Black Forest tours, we can make arrangements to meet or tour according to your agenda. For example: tours from Stuttgart, day trips from Zurich, Offenburg day trips, best day trips from Strasbourg, day tours from Basel Switzerland, tours […]

Schnapps Trail Tour

Interested in touring the schnapps areas of Germany? Schnapps tastings have always been included in our tours, but recently we see more and more interest specifically in schnapps. So we can orient a tour focused on the many schnapps distilleries (called Brennerei). To new-comers, schnapps may require an orientation, because few people know that there […]

Road Trip through the Black Forest

Want to go on a road trip with us? The people from Wizz Magazine toured with us this summer and published an article about their experience in their latest magazine. Great read if you want to find out how a private tour with us can look like!

A Treatise on Tourism

An experience is a private thing. (we don’t do mass-tourism and this is why)… Didn’t you come to this place to experience something of a place far from home? That is very different from walking through a museum so you can tell the folks back home “you did it”. Stop being a mass-tourist. Think about […]

Is the Neuschwanstein castle in the Black Forest?

Answer is No. Neuschwanstein castle is not in The Black Forest. Neuschwanstein castle is located 5 hours to the east of The Black Forest. I get a lot of inquiries about tours for The Black Forest from people who are located in Munich and planning to tour nearby Neuschwanstein castle. They wonder if they can […]

Is Bavaria in the Black Forest?

Answer is No. Bavaria (and Munich) are not in The Black Forest. How far is it from Munich to The Black Forest? Answer: about 5 hours drive by car or 6+ hours by train. I get a lot of inquiries about tours from Munich to The Black Forest, (Munich is located in Bavaria). Mostly people […]

Tour Schauinsland

A lot of people ask me about Schauinsland because they saw it online on other tour websites. Schauinsland is one of several mountains surrounding Freiburg, which has a gondola to a sight-seeing tower, 2 wind turbines, and a road that was the birthplace of hill-climb racing. The races are ancient history now. Schauinsland has the […]

Tour Gegenbach

We offer tours to Gegenbach. Gegenbach is located in southwestern part of The Black Forest. There are several ways to experience this beautiful town like a local. We offer many hikes and walking routes around Gegenbach and the surrounding area. Let us know if you would like to visit. We will customize a tour just […]