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Black Forest Tours by Locals

Touring the Black Forest with a Just-a-Driver Tour

How does it work? Just-a-Driver Tours offer the most cost-effective way to see the Black Forest and are therefore our most popular tours. Read more about our Just-a-Driver tours here. Our Just-a-Driver Tours are designed for those who prefer to explore the Black Forest with the convenience of a driver and a personalized itinerary. We provide a car and driver and an itinerary. You may know exactly what you want to see – great! But you do not need to figure out anything in advance (where to go and what to see and how to get there) – we can take care of it for you. The driver will stop, drop you off, pick you up again, at specific way points along your tour according to your personalized itinerary. Good to know: The driver is NOT a tour guide. He can communicate in basic english, but will not be able to answer tour-related questions. (if this is what you want, then have a look at our Guided Tours). Prior to your tour you receive a detailed information package from us that details …

Small Group Walking Tours

Join a group of like-minded people to explore like a local Our small group tours include things only locals know about (e.g. some of the local Schnapsbrunnen or local festivals). The focus is on experiencing the Black Forest like a local – with a local on your side. Daily distances to cover range from 7-12 km. Group size is limited to 14 people to ensure a local experience. What’s included? Our Small Group Tours include hotels, luggage transfer, english-speaking guide, some dinners, breakfast, trail materials, goodie bag with useful things for your hike and a few surprises along the way. How can I find out more? Please check back in early spring 2019 to see what dates are available in 2019.

Exploring the Black Forest on a Fairy Tale Tour

With our Fairy Tale Tour you are in for a treat! A little bit of walking is expected from you. But no worries – if you are able to walk 2,5 km (1.5 miles), then our Fairy Tale Walk should be perfect for you- good shoes are essential though! After a drive through the Black Forest and an introduction to some of the local myths we will be greeted by one of our fairy tale tellers. We will meet with several fairys on our walk through the woods where we hear more about the dark secrets of the Black Forest. Our Fairy Tale Guide is an experienced local who knows the area and its fairy tales like nobody else. Our Fairy Tale Tours focus on the myths and legends of the Black Forest. They are fun for both – adults and kids. Many visitors ask if there are any regular scheduled Fairy Tale Tours they can join. The answer is no. All our Fairy Tale Tours are private tours – set up just for you.

Cuckoo clock of The Black Forest Germany

Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Perhaps one of the greatest contributions to the fame of The Black Forest is the cuckoo clock. While it is easy to appreciate their charismatic beauty and charm, few realize how deeply rooted these clocks are in history. It has been a long journey that has involved several hundred years and thousands of people in small towns located in one valley in The Black Forest. The first description of a cuckoo clock was in 1629 and was made by a German nobleman, Philipp Hainhofer. He described a curious little clock that belonged to Prince Elector August von Sachsen. It was said to contain a bird that resembled a cuckoo and it was therefore called a cuckoo clock. However, these early clocks were very primitive by today’s standard and did not make any sound. Enter Franz Anton Ketterer! Ketterer was a clock maker from The Black Forest and is credited with the invention of the cuckoo clock you know today. It was one day in the 1730s, after pondering the mechanism of a church organ bellows, …

Is It A Good Idea To Visit The Black Forest In Winter?

Many people ask me if it is a good idea to visit the Black Forest in winter. Is it safe visiting in winter? Will it be cold? Is there anything to do during winter? Will we be able to drive in the mountains? Will there be snow? The answer if you should or should not visit in winter is easy: it all depends. Currently the Black Forest is covered in snow and it is an absolute dream to be here. Within minutes you can walk in the snow, go on a snowshoeing tour, rent skies or sit in one of the hot thermal baths surrounded by snow. Usually the streets are being cleared off from snow in the mornings and if you are used to drive in winter conditions you should not have a problem driving here. It is often a good idea to carry along some snow chains if you are driving in the mountains. Alternatively you can also take the train to get up into the mountains. This is the easiest and most …

Join me on a weekly Freiburg Culinary Tour!

When traveling I always enjoyed attending one of the local culinary tours. Many times I was surprised to find out what the locals eat – very different from what tourists eat! I usually try to attend at least one culinary tour or cooking class when traveling. Over the past few months I have received quite a few inquiries regarding cooking classes in the Black Forest or Culinary Tours in Freiburg. I had a difficult time to actually locate (english-speaking) people who were able to offer what I was looking for! To make a long story short – after a lot of research (it required me to eat and drink my way through the Black Forest!) , meeting lots of local producers, farmers, cheese makers, chefs, coffee makeres, brewers, wine makers I finally decided Freiburg was ready for an English-speaking Culinary Tour! Join me on one of my weekly tours in Freiburg to find out where to locals eat and drink, which fruits and vegetables are in season, what local schnaps tastes, where to get the …

Visiting Freiburg on a Walking Tour

Your visit to the Black Forest is not complete unless you spend some time in Freiburg, the capital of the Black Forest. On this 90 minute Freiburg Walking Tour we will take you on a tour back in time. You will discover what the ‘Bächle’ are and why you do not want to step into them. Find out how long it took to build the cathedral – and what the secret is behind the cobblestone streets in Freiburg. Our Freiburg City Tours are fun, entertaining – we show you corners in the old town tourists usually miss. See you soon in Freiburg!   Request more Information

Where is the Black Forest?

Everyone has heard of the Black Forest. Black Forest cake, Black Forest ham, Black Forest cherry schnaps….you can buy most of these products in your country but probably have never paid too many attention to where the product is from. Is there such a thing is the Black Forest? And where is the Black Forest located? Is it a Naturepark, a Nationalpark or an amusement park like Disneyland? Do you have to pay a fee to visit the park? Is it open in winter? Is it closed at night? Can you actually stay in the Black Forest? With Black Forest Tours we show you the real thing – we provide you with an introduction to the area, give you input on how to get to the Black Forest, tell you where to stay in the Black Forest and what to see. If you are adventurous we offer self-guided tours of the Black Forest. If this is your first time to Europe, Germany or the Black Forest we provide you with a private guide who will …

Black Forest Winter Tours

Dreaming about visiting the Black Forest in winter? The Black Forest is usually covered in snow and a skier’s paradise. We are still out touring because there are many things to explore in winter as well. Just make sure to dress warm and be ready for some rain or snow! Wintertime in the Black Forest. During the months of November-March we are shifting the focus of the tours away from the mountains – the skiers are taking over. We usually head to the clock area and the valleys with their medieval towns. Christmas Market Tours in December 2017. Visit the Black Forest on a weekend in December and we show you some of the most popular Christmas markets inside the Black Forest. Available dates in December 2017 are Dec 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15,16,1 7, 22, 23