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Where is the Black Forest?

Everyone has heard of the Black Forest. Black Forest cake, Black Forest ham, Black Forest cherry schnaps….you can buy most of these products in your country but probably have never paid too many attention to where the product is from. Is there such a thing is the Black Forest? And where is the Black Forest located? Is it a Naturepark, a Nationalpark or an amusement park like Disneyland? Do you have to pay a fee to visit the park? Is it open in winter? Is it closed at night? Can you actually stay in the Black Forest?

With Black Forest Tours we show you the real thing – we provide you with an introduction to the area, give you input on how to get to the Black Forest, tell you where to stay in the Black Forest and what to see. If you are adventurous we offer self-guided tours of the Black Forest. If this is your first time to Europe, Germany or the Black Forest we provide you with a private guide who will venture into the Black forest with you and show you the highlights. Contact us for more information – we make it easy to visit the Black Forest.

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