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I don’t just show you the obvious, I take you off the beaten path so you can experience the real Black Forest – like a local. I fill-in the blanks between the lines in those Travel Books and explain the not-so-obvious to give you a robust local experience.

Many visitors to the Black Forest inquire about Hop-On-Hop-Off Tours. Unfortunately nobody offers these kind of tours in the Black Forest area. What I do offer are private guided tours (where you tour with a private guide and/or driver) and self-guided Travel Guide Itineraries where I show you how to tour on your own by train or by car.

Fortunately when I ask visitors about their priorities I often get the same the answer ‘I want to see the ‘Best of the Black Forest’. Then sign up! I’ll show you.

Most of my visitors fit into 2 categories: first are those who want to “see it all” in the limited amount of time – rushing through everything doesn’t matter to them – as long as they can take in all the sights travel books talk about. This might make sense for first-time visitors to the Black Forest. If that is for you, sign up here.

On the other hand some visitors like to take it easy, preferring more local experiences. This type of visitor prefers to stay away from things mentioned in the travel books – off-the-beaten path. They want to experience the Black Forest as a local and do the things we locals do. If that sounds like you, sign up here.

The Black Forest is very different from the rest of Germany – people are more open and friendly and seem to always look for a reason to have a festival. There is lots of wine produced in the area which probably helps! We have lots of festivals! It has happened – that we go to a festival, we start talking and meeting people, and suddenly seeing everything in the book is not the priority anymore.

Recently a visitor wrote that his day touring the Black Forest with me was the highlight of his entire trip to Europe. He saw several countries in 3 weeks, but none compared with a laid-back day with locals in the Black Forest. I am really happy when I hear this, because I think my job as a guide is not only to show you the must-see things like cuckoo clocks, but also open your eyes to the local culture. And when you come back next time we can still see yet one more castle 🙂

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