Introducing The Black Forest Trail

I am very excited to announce the latest addition to our hiking packagesthe Black Forest Trail Hike. As our repeat customers know, we have offered the Red Deer Trail Hike for several years. It has been a very popular package with serious hikers seeking to really immerse themselves in nature. But 5 days of long trails was too much for the majority of you who wanted something shorter and not so remote. You still wanted the luggage transported to your next hotel, and you still want nice accommodations – nothing too rustic. I heard you, and after searching for the perfect alternative, I think I have found the perfect hiking package. I certainly have enjoyed putting it together for you.

My Black Forest Trail Hike partially runs along a section of the famous Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage trail (in Spain), which is pretty cool. And while seeking that perfect balance of nature, food, accommodations, I pieced together some alternate routes and short-cuts that were either more beautiful or included some fantastic features; like Schnapps fountains and cozy Gasthaus-Restaurants. While the Red Deer Trail required that you pack a lunch because there were no places to stop and eat along the trail, this new Black Forest Hike has lots of places to stop for a nice lunch, or just a coffee and cake. (I hear you thinking, “Well that does not sound too much like a hike in nature?”) Trust me, all these stops are located high up in the mountains where you will only encounter other (local) hikers.

This is a fairly easy to medium hiking experience with daily distances between 13 to 19 km (8-12 miles), and I made sure to provide some shortcuts for those days where you just feel like skipping the next hill. You spend your evenings at family-run 3 star (and one 4 star) hotels in beautiful small Black Forest towns. We provide an orientation package for each town, so you can make the most of your time in town during evenings and mornings.

Check out further details here The Black Forest Trail to see if this is a good hike for you.
Intermediate hiking trails, quiet time in nature with lots of interesting stops along the trail, while also overnight and explore beautiful medieval towns of the Black forest, and we provide all trail information, maps and take care of your luggage transfer.


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