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Hiking on the Hells Valley Trail

The Hells Valley Trail Package provides you with a lot of flexibility. You are staying in a family-owned hotel in a beautiful mountain town in the southern Black Forest, less than 45 minutes away from Freiburg. Our Hells Valley Trail Packageis perfect if you are looking for a flexible combination of easy hikes with options to take in other activities (or just relax) in nature – stop for food, drink and local culture along the way. On your first day we set you up with one of our own hiking guides who will take you on a half day hike. Then you’ll be equipped for your next day hiking on your own.

Is this a good hike for me?  If you are a beginner hiker or If you prefer shorter hikes (starting at 5 km) or a combination of sightseeing and hiking, then the Hells Valley Trail Packageis ideal for you. You have a great deal of flexibility choosing your hike each day based on your fitness level, weather conditions and what you feel like doing. If the weather should turn bad one day during your visit, or you simply don’t feel like hiking, you have free access to many activities such as boat rides, cable cars, museums, and mountain coaster rides; a significant value all by itself.

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