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We offer the most comprehensive selection of hiking packages in The Black Forest. Scroll down to explore and choose which one might be yours. There are approximately 23,000 kilometres of hiking trails in The Black Forest. We have assembled a collection of short day hikes as well as challenging long-distance multi-day routes, and everything in between.

Germans claim that ‘hiking was invented in the Black Forest‘ in the mid-1800s. We don’t know if that’s really true, but we do know that the Black Forest offers some of the finest hiking in Europe.

New in 2021: Mountainbike and E-Biketours! The Black Forest has a reputation of being one of the best mountain bike areas in Europe. We have teamed up with some of the most experienced guides to take you on bike ride. Mountain-bike or E-Bike? Your choice! Beginner or advanced? We cover it all levels. Excitement guaranteed.

Let us take care of the planning – while you enjoy the adventure

  • Our self-guided hiking packages start at 1 day and can last up to 8 days.
  • Hikes for different fitness levels
  • Self-guided as well as guided options
  • Add-on a day or two of bicycling with a guide. We handle your transfer and equip you with a helmet and a mountainbike or E-Bike.
  • You don’t need to organize anything
  • We handle hotel reservations and your luggage transport
  • All you need to worry about is a good pair of hiking boots

Choose from one of the following hiking packages:

The Famous Black Forest Trail is a select and customized route through Germany's Black Forest

Black Forest Trail

This hike runs through picturesque valleys,
romantic towns and peaceful woodlands.
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  • Type: Self-Guided Hike
  • Duration: 1-5 days
  • Daily Distance: 13-22 km
  • Level: Moderate
  • Hotels: Standard and Upgraded Options
  • Season: April-October
The famous Red Deer Trail in The Black Forest of Germany

Red Deer Trail

This a great hike if you are a real hiker and
you want a remote nature experience
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  • Type: Self-Guided Hike
  • Duration: 2-4 days
  • Daily Distance: 17-20 km
  • Level: Moderate – Difficult
  • Hotels: superior 4 star wellness hotels
  • Season: May-October
Hells Valley Trail offers the best of The Black Forest of Germany

Hells Valley Trail

Ideal if you prefer shorter hikes.
Also includes a guided hiking tour.
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  • Type: Guided & Self-Guided
  • Duration: 1-4 days
  • Daily Distance: 5-10 km
  • Level: Easy
  • Hotel: family-owned hotels
  • Available: May-October
people hiking in the Black Forest Germany

Guided Day Hike & Hotel

Explore some of the most exciting areas in
the Black Forest with a local guide.
Read more.

  • Type: Guided Day Hike
  • Duration: 1 day, 1+night
  • Daily Distance: 8-24 km
  • Level: Moderate
  • Hotel: family-owned hotels
  • Season: May-October
wine valley germany

Wine Trail

The Wine Trail is a good choice if you like
wine, good food, superior hotels and a short
hike. Click here to find out more

  • Type: Self-Guided Hike
  • Duration: 1 day, 2 nights
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Level: Easy-medium
  • Hotels: 3+ star hotel
train schwarzwald

Train & Hike

Enjoy the Best of the Black Forest by train and
on foot. Select hikes for the best scenery. Hop to
your next hotel by train. Find out more

  • Type: Self-Guided Hike
  • Duration: 5+ days
  • Daily Distance: 8-20 km
  • Level: Easy to medium
  • Hotels: family-owned
  • Season: May to October

Bike Packages

Enjoy the Black Forest by bike and
on foot. A private guide will figure out the best trails for you. Contact us

  • Type: Guided
  • Duration: 3+ days
  • various options to choose from
  • Level: Easy to advanced
  • Hotels: various categories
  • Season: May to October

Tours on hold (currently not available for booking):

Hiking by Train in The Black Forest of Germany

Wilderness Trail

Our Wilderness Trail takes you into the remoteness of the Black Forest National Park in the far north. More info soon…

  • Type: Self-Guided Hike
  • Duration: 3+ days
  • Daily Distance: 15-20 km
  • Level: medium
  • Hotels: 3+ and 4 star hotels
  • Season: mid-May to mid-October
wutach schlucht hike

Gorge Trail

Being one of the Top Trails of Germany our Gorge Trail immerses you to the Best of the famous Wutachschlucht area on a 2 day hike. More info soon…

  • Type: Self-Guided Hike
  • Duration: 2+ days
  • Daily Distance: 12-20 km
  • Level: medium-difficult
  • Hotels: small family-owned hotels
  • Season: mid-May to mid-October

Location of the hikes

  • Northern Black Forest: Wilderness Trail, Red Deer Trail
  • Central Black Forest: Black Forest Trail
  • Southern Black Forest: Hells Valley Trail, Gorge Trail, Guided Hike
  • Covering all 3 areas: Train & Hike

Not sure which tour is a good fit for you? Contact us!