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Black Forest Trail

This hike is postcard perfect and immerses you in the many things that make The Black Forest enchanting. You will hike through heavily forested mountains and open meadows, with steep ravines leading down to farms in the valleys. We added some local experiences and special side-trails, including a portion of the famous Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage Way.


Black Forest

Start / End





12-18 km daily




2-5 days of hiking

Tour format

self-guided, with hotel

Black Forest Trail

spring, summer, fall
2-5 days of hiking

The Black Forest Trail is a selection of the best trails the Central Black Forest has to offer in 2-6 day packages. We have carefully woven together the prettiest trails with the most dramatic surroundings and interesting sights. We added some special side-trails and local experiences. You will traverse many different select trails, including a portion of the famous Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage Way.

  • We Handle All The Detail
  • Luggage Transfer Included
  • Hotels included, Upgrades possible
  • 5 days/ 6 nights, more/less days possible
  • Detailed Route Descriptions & Maps
  • We are only a phone call away

Lonely Planet’s calls our Black Forest Trail one of ’52 Best Weekends Away’:

Focus of Trail: German Culture, Nature & Towns

Our hotels are located in small Black Forest towns. Therefore this is a great tour if you are looking for the best balance of quiet time in nature, while also having time to explore beautiful medieval towns in the evening. The Black Forest Trail takes you off-the-beaten-path where you might hike for some time without encountering other people.

Latest comments from our hikers:

The first hikers of the 2022 season have shared their feedback with us. Here is what they are saying about their experience:

  • ‘I LOVED THIS SO MUCH. This was perfect for my husband and I. Thank you for everything’.
  • ‘I could not have dreamed up a more perfect adventure. I felt so immersed in the German culture and nature’
  • ‘I was so impressed with these four days. the use of both GPS and paper descriptions were very helpful. I would highly recommend this if you are an experienced hiker and can do back to back long days’
  • ‘This was a very special and rememberable adventure.’
  • ‘We had a great time, the hike was awesome and we really enjoyed every second of it. This has been a bucket list item for a long time and you made it effortless to tick off’
  • ‘We loved all the highlights you have added along the route, chatting to local farmers, enjoying beer and schnapps along the way really made it felt like a true Black Forest experience’

Too many km to cover?

The Black Forest Trail covers quite a bit of distance. Many hikers add-on a rest day in the middle of their hike: 2 days of hiking – rest day – 2 days of hiking.

If you like to sound of the Black Forest Trail, but have doubt you can cover all the km each day we have created an easier version of our popular trail for you. The Town & Country Package covers the same towns as the Black Forest Trail does. And you are staying in the same hotels. But instead of hiking from hotel to hotel you have the option to do a short hike (or skip the hike entireley) and connect to the next hotel by train instead.

Is it for me?

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Where you will be touring

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See what some of our customers say who have done this tour before:

Black Forest Tours
Average rating:  
 54 reviews
 by IronTriKev
Love, love, LOVE Black Forest Tours!

Our hike with Black Forest Tours was Amazing! Each day offered incredible experience and gorgeous scenery. The 2Go app was fantastic in keeping us on the right course and the additional written directions with photos were a welcome addition to making us the most comfortable in our route finding! Each day our accommodations were top notch and we were grateful for the restraint recommendations and enjoyed the welcome centers.

Simone has simply built an amazing experience! We are a million percent happy!

 by Christi
Black Forest Trail

Hi Simone,

We had a wonderful time doing the Black Forest!!

We didn't have much of a sense of what the Black Forest was and how it would be. Some parts of it were definitely more logged/less picturesque than others. We really appreciated that you tried to keep us off the logging roads as much as possible, but we weren't expecting to cross so many! We saw hardly any people the entire time on the trails, and just a few mountain bikes. The solitude was something I wasn't expecting but liked. It was a bit rainy on day 2, but mostly when we were in the forest under cover so it didn't really impact our hike negatively, and the temperature was lovely the whole time!

This was such a relaxing way to explore the area. And it was great to have the option of the train if we wanted to go somewhere else after arriving at our hotel, or take a shortcut. All of our days were ~10 to 16 miles of hiking I think. We could start when we wanted, take breaks as needed, etc. If we had been with other people I think it would have been harder.

We have told our friends about our trip and that we highly recommend your trip. Germany was really fun and I had a blast trying to communicate. Everyone was super gracious in allowing me to try my limited German. We would definitely consider coming back in a few years and trying your other loop.

Thank you again Simone!
Christi a

 by Zach
Terrific hike

Hi Simone,

Thanks for everything. I had a great time. Totally liberated! Day 1 was full of cool discoveries, day 2 was euphoric in places, and day 3 had so much beauty.

Best of luck - this is a terrific thing you're doing.


 by CRM n JLM
An amazing, life changing tour organized with a personal touch by Black Forest Tours

My fiancee and I were planning on visiting Germany and were looking for something unique to end our trip with when after some research I found Black Forest Tours. Touring the Black Forest has long been a bucket list item for me and with my 50th birthday happening my fiancee decided that this was her gift. After working with Simone on what we wanted to visit and do, she came up with a plan tailored for us. We opted for a 4 day hike/5 nights trip plan which would include hiking, visiting towns we were interested in, and schnapps fountains that I heard so much about.

When we arrived in our first town at the train station, we were immediately met by a driver who took us to the first hotel: a lovely spa hotel in the mountains where the next morning we'd start our adventure. The room was relaxing with a balcony view of the small town church and village below. In our room, we found a bag filled with maps, goodies, and information from Simone Brixel detailing our next 5 days hiking.

After breakfast the next morning, we started our hike through the Black Forest which was amazing. We couldn't believe the views and sights that we saw on just the first day. After a hard hike (we had small day packs and hiking poles which really helped), we arrived at the next town and the next hotel with our suitcases waiting for us in our room. The hiking was challenging but extremely fun even in the rain. The directions provided by Simone were detailed and extremely accurate and easy to follow.

Each hotel was fantastic and we enjoyed them all. Each town had charm and was off the beaten path which was exactly what we were looking for. The food was excellent, the people were nice, and the experience is not to be missed.

I cannot recommend Black Forest Tours enough and can't wait to head back for another experience with them. THANK YOU!!

 by Susan
Great hike

Hi Simone,

We really enjoyed our hiking in The Black Forest. The trails and maps were easy to follow. We did not download the GPX data. All of the hotels were great! And the luggage transfers were perfect. It was always nice to see our bags when we reached the hotel. It was a great trip. Thank you!


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