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Towns & Country

Great getaway if you are interested in both nature and towns. Each day you have the option to do a short day hike or focus on sightseeing. You can also split your time between some activity in nature and some exploration in town. Each night you are staying in another beautiful Black Forest town. You connect to your next hotel by train or bus. We take care of your luggage transfer.


Black Forest

Start / End



sightseeing, easy walking, hiking


5 -10 km daily




4 days/5 nights

Tour format

self-guided, with hotel

Towns & Country

spring, summer, fall
4 days/5 nights

If you like the idea of hiking but don’t want to do it all day everyday – our Towns & Country Package could be a good fit. Each day you can decided what you feel like – and you can change your mind at the last moment as well. Go on a half day hike, explore a Black Forest town or do some sightseeing – we provide you plenty of options to choose from each day.

  • We Handle All The Detail
  • Luggage Transfer Included
  • Hotels included, Upgrades possible
  • 4 days/ 5 nights, more/less days possible
  • Choose each day between walking or sightseeing
  • Plenty of time to explore the towns

If you are interested in enjoying nature, exploring towns plus a bit of activity – this tour gives you lots of options & flexibility

Several options every day

Our Towns & Country Package gives you the best version of 2 worlds: each day you have the option to go on a short walk (usually not exceeding 4 hours). Or – if you don’t feel like it or the weather does not cooperate – skip the hike altogether and explore the town or nearby sights instead. We provide you with all the info – we tell you where to eat, shop and what to see in each town. This can be both – a hiking vacation, a sightseeing trip. Or a combination of both. It’s up to you.

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Where you will be touring

map black forest trail_marked
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