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Towns & Country (lots of choices)

Great getaway if you are interested in both nature and towns. Each day you have the option to do a short day hike or focus on sightseeing. You can also split your time between some activity in nature and some exploration in town. Each night you are staying in another beautiful Black Forest town. You connect to your next hotel by train or bus. We take care of your luggage transfer.


Black Forest

Start / End



sightseeing, easy walking, hiking


2 -7 km daily




3 days/4 nights

Tour format

self-guided, with hotel, train/bus

Towns & Country (lots of choices)

spring, summer, fall
3 days/4 nights

If you like the idea of hiking but don’t want to do it all day everyday – our Towns & Country Package could be a good fit. Each day you can decided what you feel like – and you can change your mind at the last moment as well. Go on a half day hike, explore a Black Forest town or do some sightseeing – we provide you plenty of options to choose from each day.

  • We Handle All The Detail
  • Luggage Transfer Included
  • Hotels included, Upgrades possible
  • 3 days/ 4 nights, more days possible
  • Choose each day between walking or sightseeing
  • Plenty of time to explore the towns

If you are interested in enjoying nature, exploring towns plus a bit of activity – this tour gives you lots of options & flexibility

Several options every day

Our Towns & Country Package gives you the best version of 2 worlds: each day you have the option to go on a short walk (usually not exceeding 4 hours). Or – if you don’t feel like it or the weather does not cooperate – skip the hike altogether and explore the town or nearby sights instead. We provide you with all the info – we tell you where to eat, shop and what to see in each town. This can be both – a hiking vacation, a sightseeing trip. Or a combination of both. It’s up to you.

Is it for me?

This is a great tour if you are looking for the best balance of quiet time in nature, while also having time to explore beautiful medieval towns in the morning or evening.

  • This package is a good choice if you are looking for lots of options during your vacation.  You can change your mind everyday and do what you feel like. You can change your plans last minute even
  • Your group can easily split up if one person wants to go on a hike, while the others prefer to do some sightseeing. Lots of options, lots of flexibility.



Please note – the exact itinerary might be reversed depending on availability of hotels.

Arrival Info

  • Arrive in the Black Forest by train (your destination train station is Offenburg or Baden-Baden. From here you switch to a regional train which takes you to your first hotel in less than 30 minutes.

Exploring Town

You start your vacation in a beautiful small Black Forest Town just outside of Offenburg – known for its beautiful timber-framed buildings. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in the evening. Plenty of opportunities for picture-taking!


Upon arrival 

  1. Go on a hike. Several options for a short round-trip hike. Our recommendet trail has it all with scenic spots, a chapel and vineyards. Or walk along the river like the locals do!
  2. Explore town. This town is a winner! Its one of the prettiest towns we picked for you. We guarantee you don’t want to leave!

Accommodation (2 choices)

We work with 2 hotels, both located in the heart of the old town.

  • Standard hotel 
  • Upgraded hotel 

1. Standard hotel

Great family-run place in the heart of town with remodeled rooms.

romantic hotel black forest

2. Superior Hotel

Why not treat yourself  to a 4 star boutique hotel located in a restored historical building with sauna and wellness facility? Great way to end your holiday!

wellness hotel black forest



  • Explore Town. If you have arrived late yesterday our recommendation is to explore the town first, and go for a short walk. There is a small farmers market in town on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Great time to watch the locals


  1. Transfer to next town. Hop on the train and go for a 20 minute train ride to your next town. Your luggage will be transported by us.


Our hotel choice is located right in the town centre (400 metres from the train station, 5 minute walk). This is a small town, so no worries – its not going to be a busy town centre. This hotel is brand new (opened in 2020) and ideal if you prefer to be in town. The hotel does have air-conditioning. The hotel does not have a restaurant on-site, but there are plenty of restaurants in walking distance to the hotel. You will stay here for 2 nights.

Afternoon Options:

  • Go on a hike. There is a good short (8 km) hike taking you through town, up the mountain to a sightseeing tower. Views views views! If the hike is too long, you can also shortcut and only walk a portion of it.
  • Explore town. Another pretty town to explore! This town has an old monastery and some beautiful churches. Lots of shops and cafes to take discover.



This is an optional rest day. You are not switching hotels on this day, you can take it easy.

Options today:

  1. Go on a bigger hike. After breakfast hop on the train. A 5 minute train ride takes you to the next town where we have a real adventure trail for you. This trail has it all with a castle ruin, a local schnaps fountain and lots of surprises along the way. Take the train back to your hotel (5 minute train ride). You can also hike this trail tomorrow morning before transfering to your next town
  2. Explore town. If you are more interested in town then you have the perfect town to explore.  Farmers market Wednesday and Saturday! If its a hot day head to the public swimming pool in town.
  3. Sightseeing. A train ride takes you to the Triberg clock area. You can also visit the open-air farmhouse museum Vogtsbauernhof. Visit the thermal baths in Baden-Baden. Or take a ride on the famous Black Forest Railway


same as last night


Description of your day

After breakfast you will hop on the train to the next town (5 minute). Here you have the option to do a longer hike (see description yesterday).

Then switch to a bus (10 minutes) to arrive in the nextBlack Forest town.

Today’s Town 

Tonight you are staying in another beautiful small Black Forest Town. Cute town centre and a river flowing through town. How about heading down to the river for a drink? The town has many wood-framed buildings worth taking a picture of. 

Upon arrival. From the town centre we recommend going for a longer hike (7 km total) taking you up to a vista point overlooking the valley. And a beautiful chapel. You can also just walk up to the vista point without doing the entire hike.


Our standard hotel is a small family-owned hotel located in a timber-framed building in the heart of the old centre of a medieval Black Forest town. Local well-known restaurant.





We saved the best for the last!

After breakfast visit the farmers market (Wednesday and Saturday), then hop on the bus to the last Black Forest town you will visit. This town is a treasure! Lots of options for picture taking.

How to spend your day.

  • A short walk will take you to a vista point overlooking town.
  • If you like beer, we recommend taking the bus up the valley to visit the local brewery restaurant. Lots of options for dinner in this town! Then take the bus back to your hotel.


Our hotel recently got remodeled and is located inside a beautifully restored old building in the heart of town. A beautiful hotel in a beautiful town.

Dinner Choices are limited as this is a small town. We recommend eating at the restaurant.

Departure Info

Upon departure you will take the bus to the next larger town (15 minute bus ride). From here you switch to a regional train to Offenburg (35 minute train ride). 




Good to Know

  • Accommodation in double room with private bathroom
  • Breakfast 
  • Free public transportation pass while staying in the Black Forest
  • detailed route descriptions & maps, tour route available in app also
  • luggage transfer between hotels. Your luggage transfer is organized by us, Black Forest Tours. 
  • Welcome Bag with useful items for your tour (water bottle, etc)
  • Travel to and from start/end of your Black Forest vacation (Offenburg)
  • Lunches and dinners 
  • Travel insurance. Make sure you have travel insurance covering you against illness, injury, loss or damage to property and cancellations.
  • Personal expenses such as drinks, tips, telephone calls
  • upgrade hotel (available on some nights)
  • Season. The Town & Country Package is available from mid-April to end of October.
  • The Town & Country Package is available as a 3 day/4night package. 
  • we highly recommend to stay longer -. most people choose to stay 4 days/5 nights with a rest day in the middle.
  • Please contact us with your desired length of stay and we can email you an exact quote

Hotel Location

  • Our hotels are located in the middle of small Black Forest towns.  

Hotel Category

  • All our hotels on the Towns & Country Package are small family-owned hotels. They are not fancy hotels, but clean and very friendly hotels. Most often you will meet the owners during your stay.
  • In one of the towns you have the option to upgrade to a boutique hotel known for its design and architecture

Hotel Rooms

  • Double Rooms. If you are booking a double room there is one double bed with 2 individual mattresses (not 2 twin beds). If you require separate beds we recommend booking 2 separate rooms. In rare cases twin beds are available, please inquire.
  • Single Rooms. If you are traveling by yourself we charge a single room supplement. You will either be provided with a single room. Or with a double room for single use – based on availability.
  • Bathrooms. All rooms have private en-suite bathrooms.
  • Air-Conditioning. Summers can be very warm. Most hotels in Germany do not have air-conditioning. Sometimes hotels can provide a fan for your room. Usually the hotel owners will tell you to sleep with the window open during the night – this is very common in Germany.
  • Elevators. Please note that our hotels most often do not have elevators – you will have to walk a flight of stairs to get to your room. 
  • Breakfast included.
  • Lunch. Not included. Grab a sandwich in town to take along for your day. Or have lunch in town. 
  • Dinner. Not included. Almost all hotels have a restaurant on site also. And there are  other restaurants in walking distance to your hotel. We provide you with recommendations.
  • good walking boots and socks if you plan on hiking
  • a day pack if you plan on hiking
  • water bottle
  • insect repellent (ticks!)
  • sun glasses, sun hat, sun block
  • Mobile Phone Coverage. Please note that the Black Forest is a mountainous area. Often there is no mobile phone coverage when touring the Black Forest. 
  • Wi-Fi in hotels. All of our hotels have wi-fi but sometimes it can be spotty in your room – depending on the location of your room.
  • If you require constant online access we do NOT recommend touring the Black Forest. Consider staying in a large town like Baden-Baden or Freiburg instead.

Where you will be touring

map black forest trail_marked

See what some of our customers say who have done this tour before:

Black Forest Tours
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by michael m

Had an amazing vacation in Black Forest. Incredible scenery. Hikes were great, hotels were fantastic, luggage transfer between hotels made everything seemless.

 by Tour87972
A wonderful week in the Black Forest

I just finished a Town and Country Tour, organized by Simone of Black Forest Tours. It was absolutely fantastic! I visited 5 little medieval towns in the Black Forest, each one with its own character and beauty. Simone took care of hotel reservations and luggage transport and it all went smoothly. She also provided recommendations of hikes and activities for each town. Every detail was meticulously planned and executed. I would highly recommend this tour, and others that Simone organizes!

 by elliscathryn
Perfect hiking!

Lots of different hikes—all of them great—on the Town and Country Tour. We had five different towns to explore—all with different history and attractions and several different hikes to do each day. This was the perfect tour of The Black Forest! Simone made everything easy with great directions and wonderful recommendations in each town. Travel was easy and we met so many wonderful people. I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting a taste of all The Black Forest has to offer!

 by Lisa
Thank you

Thank you for great organization — your tour is really great.

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