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Hells Valley Trail

If you are a beginner hiker and like a combination of guided hiking and hiking on your own – this is the package for you. On your first day we set you up with one of our own local hiking guides who will take you on a hike. Our guide will make sure you are well equipped for your next day of hiking on your own. Or choose to do some sightseeing instead.


Black Forest

Start / End



sightseeing, hiking


5-10 km daily




2 days/3 nights, (+/- possible)

Tour format

guided, with hotel

Hells Valley Trail

spring, summer, fall
2 days/3 nights, (+/- possible)

The Hells Valley Trail Package  is perfect if you are looking for a flexible combination of easy hikes and options to take in other activities (or just relax) in nature. On your first day we set you up with one of our own local hiking guides who will take you on a hike. Our guide will make sure you are well equipped for your next day of hiking on your own.

  • We Handle All The Detail
  • Guided (half day) Hike included
  • Hotels included
  • Stay in a Black Forest mountain town
  • Well Marked & Easy to Navigate Tracks
  • We are only a phone call away

If you are a beginner hiker and prefer a guide on your side – this is the package for you

A Guided hike: the best way to start your hiking adventure

On your first day, our hiking guide will take you on a hike exploring the countryside. The hike itself is only 8 km long – but we have included lots of stops, therefore it can take a few hours before we get you back to your hotel – depending on your fitness level. This is a private hiking tour just for you. No one else will be joining the tour. This is one of our most popular hikes because you really get it all.

Besides the classic, dark Black Forest gorge hike next to waterfalls, you get a lot of Black Forest history, a few touristy things, the oldest chapel in the Black Forest, the areas largest cuckoo clock. And the option to have a beer in a typical Black Forest inn. This hike takes you down into a valley famous for its ancient mills that once made everything from rope to spoons. You will see how people thrived hundreds of years ago. Your local guide has lots of stories to tell. You are in for a real treat!

Flexibility it is!

Our Hells Valley Trail Package provides you with a lot of flexibility. You are staying  in a family-owned small hotel in a beautiful mountain town in the Southern Black Forest, less than 60 minutes away from Freiburg. Perfect base to explore sights and do some hiking. Due to its location The Hells Valley Trail Package provides you with many other options besides hiking. Do some sightseeing on your own (public transportation is free), or go for a swim in the lake. On the second day of your trip we set you up with one of our drivers for a half day driving tour, there are several itineraries to choose from.

What’s the area like?

The terrain of the Southern Black Forest (where the Hells Valley Trail is located at) is postcard perfect. This area has the sunniest and warmest weather in Germany. The terrain is composed of mountain meadows while thick forests and steep ravines dominate the higher elevations.

Is it for me?

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Where you will be touring

hells valley trail germany

See what some of our customers say who have done this tour before:

Black Forest Tours
Average rating:  
 20 reviews
 by Scott

We loved our tour guide, Gisela, who guided us through our one-day hike of the Hells Valley Trail. We only devoted one day to our Black Forest exploration, and Simone was extremely responsive to our requests every step of the way. Simone will happily work with you as you figure out what you want when you visit the Black Forest region!

 by Melissa
You're in Good Hands with Simone

Simone was quite helpful in organizing a trip for four days through the Black Forest and Alsace helping line up drivers and hotels and giving us good suggestions. There is quite a lot to choose from and definitely enough for another week or two sometime in the future. The hiking trails were awesome and the Black Forest is a beautiful place to be on a misty Tuesday morning.

 by Sara O
Black Forest Tours

Black Forest Tours exceeded my expectation. Simone provided brilliant trail notes and the hikes she selected were spectacular. I would highly recommend Black Forest Tours.

 by Hilary
Hells Valley Trail

Dear Simone,

The Black Forest was an extremely nice place to be, thank you. The information pack you left me very helpful and informative and I was happy with the hotel too. I had a lovely day with Gisela she was very good company. I really hope to come again.

Best wishes

 by Abdulrahman
great hike

Hello Simone,We really enjoyed our hike with your guide. The place was easy to find and it was more than expected which was really great.Again thank you for the wonderful tour and tour guide and we will definitely contact you if we are gonna come back to the Black Forest.Thank you,Abdulrahman

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