Hiking The Black Forest Germany 2024

If you are looking for up-to-date information about Hiking The Black Forest Germany in 2024, there is a lot of change to take note of. Many hotels, restaurants and other amenities in The Black Forest have closed over the last 4 years. German trains and busses were know for their punctuality and predictability – that […]

The Art of Hiking Originated in The Black Forest

As far as anyone knows, The Celts are the first known inhabitants of what is now known as The Black Forest. There are only a few archaeological remnants of this time. Because there are no documents, we know little about them. Its likely that they simply became what we now know to be The Alamanni, […]

New hiking tour from Baden-Baden launching in 2024

HIking Tour Baden Baden

In the past years our hiking tours focussed on the Central Black Forest (Offenburg area) and the Southern Black Forest (Freiburg area). We have gotten several requests from visitors if we can introduce a hiking tour ending in Baden-Baden. And yes -we can! We are super excited to introduce our newest tour to you today: […]

Destinations Off The Beaten Path in Germany for 2019

There are only a few forested areas in central Europe where you find good hiking opportunities. There are fewer still with mountains. The Black Forest in Germany is one of the best hiking areas for a couple reasons. My name is Simone and I am from The Black Forest in Germany. I have hiked in […]

Hiking on the Hells Valley Trail

The Hells Valley Trail Package provides you with a lot of flexibility. You are staying in a family-owned hotel in a beautiful mountain town in the southern Black Forest, less than 45 minutes away from Freiburg. Our Hells Valley Trail Packageis perfect if you are looking for a flexible combination of easy hikes with options […]

Hiking the Black Forest with a Guide

If you don’t want to worry about reading maps and hiking signs we can set you up with a private guide who takes you on a day hike into The Black Forest. Our hiking guides are experienced locals who know the area like no one else. Many visitors ask if there are any regular scheduled […]

Introducing The Black Forest Trail

I am very excited to announce the latest addition to our hiking packages – the Black Forest Trail. As our repeat customers know, we have offered the Red Deer Trail for several years. It has been a very popular package for serious hikers seeking to really immerse themselves in nature. But 5 days of long […]

Hiking with a Guide

If you don’t want to worry about maps and hiking signs we can set you up with a local guide who takes you on a Black Forest hike, Our Guided Black Forest Hikes are laid out as half-day tours starting and ending in the Lake Titisee area.  Take the train (or car) on your own from […]

Lakes in the Black Forest

Today is probably not the best day to give a quick overview on some of the lakes in the Black Forest – considering that we are in the middle of fall! The first snow is here and Feldberg is covered in 15 cm of white fluffy snow. But why not start dreaming of hot summer […]

Blackforest Germany Tours Overview

Many people don’t know what The Black Forest is. Many think its an entertainment park like Disneyland or Europa Park. The Romans gave the name to the region while building roads skirting this mountain range next to the Rhine River. The people they encountered here living in this densely forested area were impossible to conquer. […]