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Hiking The Black Forest Germany 2024

If you are looking for up-to-date information about Hiking The Black Forest Germany in 2024, there is a lot of change to take note of. Many hotels, restaurants and other amenities in The Black Forest have closed over the last 4 years. German trains and busses were know for their punctuality and predictability – that has changed. Train and bus schedules have changed and are continuing to change in 2024, and some changes are not even published, some happen ad-hoc unannounced. To some degree that has been a good thing. Fewer people on the trails.

Nonetheless, The Black Forest is still here, still beautiful and unique. You have come to the right place to plan your hiking vacation in The Black Forest of Germany.

This website has quite a few hikes that we think are ideal for non-local hikers. Hiking is a bit different between countries. That is the beauty of it, and the challenge. We will try to make sure you never say to yourself, “I wish someone would have told me about that before we got here.” Another challenge is finding a hike that isn’t overly traveled. In our digital world, Influencers are ruining it for those of us who seek to experience nature. If that resonates with you, you are in the right spot.

Did you know that hiking for pleasure originated in The Black Forest? Philip Bussemer wrote the first hiking guides ever published in Baden-Baden in the 19th century. Does that mean The Black Forest offers some of the finest hiking in the world? That’s up to you to decide.

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