Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Perhaps one of the greatest contributions to the fame of The Black Forest is the cuckoo clock. While it is easy to appreciate their charismatic beauty and charm, few realize how deeply rooted these clocks are in history. It has been a long journey that has involved several hundred years and thousands of people in […]

Finding The Perfect Cuckoo Clock

We are in cuckoo-clock country! That’s how you feel once you enter the area in the Central Black Forest where cuckoo clocks have been manufactured for centuries. The World’s largest cuckoo clock can be found here. And not only that, there is also The World’s Widest Cuckoo Clock, The World’s Tallest Cuckoo Clock and The […]

Celebrations in the Black Forest

If you are not sure when to visit this area you might want to see if there is a public holiday during the time frame you are considering for your Black Forest vacation. If that’s the case if it always a good time to visit. Because public holidays usually mean that there are tons of […]

Wurstsalat – a local specialty worth trying

If you have visited the Black Forest before you might have noticed a dish in many local restaurants called ‘Wurstsalat‘. Literally translated to ‘sausage salad‘ you might have hesitated to try the dish (seriously – do you want to eat a sausage salad??) and probably ordered some more well-known German specialty like a Schnitzel. Not […]

The Black Forest PomPom Hat or what exactly is a Bollenhut?

That’s me standing next to the Gutach open air museum where they have a VW beetle wearing a huge Bollenhut. The Black Forest is not only associated with Black Forest Cake, Black Forest Ham and Cuckoo Clocks but also with the Bollenhut – an essential part of the Black Forest Costumes is the PomPom topped […]