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Wurstsalat – a local specialty worth trying

If you have visited the Black Forest before you might have noticed a dish in many local restaurants called ‘Wurstsalat‘. Literally translated to ‘sausage salad‘ you might have hesitated to try the dish (seriously – do you want to eat a sausage salad??) and probably ordered some more well-known German specialty like a Schnitzel. Not that there is anything wrong with ordering a Schnitzel. But during your next visit you might want to try a Wurstsalat. This dish is so popular in the Black Forest that there are plenty of websites dedicated to it. Many make it their goal to find the best Wurstsalat in the region and have online polls to show you where the best one can be found. Unfortunately all of the websites we have found are in German.

Wikipedia describes a Wurstalat as a ‘tart sausage salad prepared with vinegar, oil and onions normally made from a sort of boiled sausage like lyoner, stadtwurst, regensburger or extrawurst.’ As shown in the pictures a hard-boiled egg, onions, tomatoes or pickles can be added to the sausage salad. The salad is served cold with some farmer’s bread on the side.  It is a refreshing plate preferred on warm days. Many times you might see a  ‘Elsaesser Wurstsalat‘ on the menu. In this variation from the Alsace region some cheese is the additional ingredient in the  salad.  Order a local beer or local white wine with it and  enjoy!

We would love to hear your feedback on this. Have you tried a Wurstsalat yet?

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