German Wine?

When it comes to wine everyone has heard of Napa Valley. And of course France, Italy, Australia and Chile. But visiting Germany on a wine tour? Interestingly enough we have more and more visitors from overseas acknowledging the excellence of German wines and wanting to discover them on a wine tour. There are 13 wine […]

Getting a Taste of A Real Black Forest Cake

On your list of things to do while visiting the Black Forest should be ‘getting a taste of the real Black Forest cake’. Have you tried a piece yet? Many visitors from other countries are surprised about the variety of Black Forest cake being offered in the Black Forest. Not only do they look differently […]

Markgraeflerland? Never heard of it…..

The so-called area of Markgraeflerland is located at the southern end of the Black Forest. It’s the region between the Rhine and the mountains of the Black Forest, stretching from Freiburg to the Swiss border at Basle. The margraves of Baden who ruled here centuries ago gave this region its name. Markgraeflerland is often referred […]

The Making of a Black Forest Cake

People say that the place serving the best Black Forest cake (or Black Forest Gateau as many call it) is without a doubt the Black Forest in Germany. There are many stories surrounding the question on how the Black Forest cake got created for the very first time. One thing for sure – unless you […]

our latest addition: Schnaps tasting tour

Black Forest Schnaps What’s the most important thing when visiting the Black Forest?  Eat a big piece of the world-famous Black Forest Cake, right?  Well only authentic Black Forest cakes contains original Black Forest Kirschwasser – a distilled schnaps. We have added a Schnaps Tasting Tour to our Black Forest vacation tours. There are more than 14,000 approved distilleries […]

Spargelzeit is here

Spargel (shpag’-el) is the German name for asparagus and if you have been to Germany in Spring you know that April marks the beginning of Spargelzeit (asparagus season). Whereas green asparagus is available in the US year-round, (white) asparagus in Germany is very seasonal. Just as apples are a sign of fall season, asparagus marks […]

Wurstsalat – a local specialty worth trying

If you have visited the Black Forest before you might have noticed a dish in many local restaurants called ‘Wurstsalat‘. Literally translated to ‘sausage salad‘ you might have hesitated to try the dish (seriously – do you want to eat a sausage salad??) and probably ordered some more well-known German specialty like a Schnitzel. Not […]

German Black Forest Cake

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (literally Black Forest cherry torte) is a local specialty of the Black Forest and also known as Black Forest Cake (American English) or Black Forest Gateau (British English). The cake is made out of several layers of chocolate with whipped cream and cherries between each layer. Then the cake is being decorated with […]

Flammenkuchen – a local specialty

Flammenkuchen is a unique local specialty. Some people say it looks like a pizza. Try it. You will love it! This ‘pizza’ is a specialty you can only get in the Black Forest and the neighboring region of Alsace, and it may be the only native dish that would qualify as “fast food”. Its a […]