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Getting a Taste of A Real Black Forest Cake

On your list of things to do while visiting the Black Forest should be ‘getting a taste of the real Black Forest cake’. Have you tried a piece yet? Many visitors from other countries are surprised about the variety of Black Forest cake being offered in the Black Forest. Not only do they look differently from what’s considered a Black Forest cake in other countries. They also taste very different! One of the reason for that is that we use real cherry-liquor. Of course you can also order a piece of non-alcoholic Black Forest cake….but then…would that be a real Black Forest cake?

The restaurants and cafes in the Black Forest keep on coming up with new creations on how to package the Black Forest cake. Last years invention was the ‘Black Forest cake in a can’. This years invention is the Black Forest cake in a glass!

We have seen it a few years ago already in some of the higher-end restaurants. But this year it seems that many restaurants have picked up the idea of the cake in a glass.

We tasted it and can say…it’s DELICIOUS!!!! It might not be considered a ‘real’ Black Forest cake..but then….who needs the real thing when the copy tastes so good!

Touring with Black Forest Tours means we will take you to some of the best places in the area to taste a real Black Forest cake, a Black Forest cake in a can, in a glass or even a non-alcoholic one. You name it…the Black Forest can offer it:) See you this summer at one of the cafes!

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