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Biergarten In The River

What Not To Miss

I don’t just show you the obvious, I take you off the beaten path so you can experience the real Black Forest – like a local. I fill-in the blanks between the lines in those Travel Books and explain the not-so-obvious to give you a robust local experience. Many visitors to the Black Forest inquire about Hop-On-Hop-Off Tours. Unfortunately nobody offers these kind of tours in the Black Forest area. What I do offer are private guided tours (where you tour with a private guide and/or driver) and self-guided Travel Guide Itineraries where I show you how to tour on your own by train or by car. Fortunately when I ask visitors about their priorities I often get the same the answer ‘I want to see the ‘Best of the Black Forest’. Then sign up! I’ll show you. Most of my visitors fit into 2 categories: first are those who want to “see it all” in the limited amount of time – rushing through everything doesn’t matter to them – as long as they can take …

Hiking The Black Forest Germany

Introducing The Black Forest Trail

I am very excited to announce the latest addition to our hiking packages – the Black Forest Trail. As our repeat customers know, we have offered the Red Deer Trail for several years. It has been a very popular package for serious hikers seeking to really immerse themselves in nature. But 5 days of long trails was too much for many of you, who wanted something shorter and not so remote. You still wanted the convenience of luggage transport to your next hotel, and you still wanted nice accommodations. I heard you! And after searching for the perfect alternative, I think I have assembled the perfect hiking package. I certainly have enjoyed putting it together for you. My Black Forest Trail Hike run partially along a section of the famous Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage trail (in Spain), which is pretty cool. While seeking that perfect balance of nature, food, accommodations, I have woven together some other fantastic trails and short-cuts that were either more beautiful or included some fantastic features; like Schnapps fountains and cozy Gasthaus-Restaurants. …

The Black Forest Germany

When Is The Best Time To Visit The Black Forest Germany

Many people ask us what is the best time to visit The Black Forest? The answer is anytime. It depends on what you want to see. Many people prefer to avoid the tourist crowds of the summer. Some people want to experience the Christmas markets which are open in December. Some people just want to play in the snow! So it really depends on you. If you ask because you are seeking the perfect weather, we have a page about the weather and some of the things you can do in each season. There is no perfect time to visit The Black Forest because it has something to offer in every season. Rain and snow are always an unpredictable possibility you will want to keep in mind when you book a tour. But even rain or snow can be enjoyable.

The Black Forest Germany

What’s New at Black Forest Tours

Greetings from the Black Forest! Many of you have stayed in touch after visiting me in the Black Forest. I always like to hear how you are doing once you are back in your home country – what did you enjoy most while here? What didn’t you like? Please keep on sending me your feedback – I love to hear from you! And this newsletter is my way of reciprocating; to tell you about the good things that have developed for me during the past year. For one, I have finally settled into the town of Freiburg. I found a cozy place in one of the most beautiful areas of the old town. From my office window I have a direct view of the old town gate. Please stop by if you visit Freiburg. If I have time, I am happy to show you my local haunts. Last season I was given the chance to participate in a Rick Steve’s tour as a guest tour guide. I loved the experience and highly recommend touring with Rick …

Hiking The Black Forest Germany

Fall has arrived in the Black Forest

Fall has finally arrived in the Black Forest. The past few days have been absolutely beautiful – picture perfect fall days. Sunny, blue skies and a temperature of 20 C. It seem we are now getting the summer we didn’t really have this year. At night temperatures drop to almost freezing point, but during the day the temperature keeps on rising. We took a driving tour through the Southern Black Forest to (what I think) is the prettiest mountain in the Black Forest – Belchen. The drive to Belchen was absolutely amazing – since the tourists have all left the streets were almost empty. We took the top down and enjoyed a warm breeze while enjoying the fall colors. Leaves have turned yellow, red and orange at this point – one of the most picturesque times to come visit. Once at Belchen we took the cable car up, grabbed lunch at the mountain restaurant and then hiked back down to the parking lot. What a nice escape from the busy city life in Freiburg! Interestingly …