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IMG_0051_resized800Greetings from the Black Forest! Many of you have stayed in touch after visiting me in the Black Forest. I always like to hear how you are doing once you are back in your home country – what did you enjoy most while here? What didn’t you like? Please keep on sending me your feedback – I love to hear from you!

And this newsletter is my way of reciprocating; to tell you about the good things that have developed for me during the past year. For one, I have finally settled into the town of Freiburg. I found a cozy place in one of the most beautiful areas of the old town. From my office window I have a direct view of the old town gate. Please stop by if you visit Freiburg. If I have time, I am happy to show you my local haunts.

Last season I was given the chance to participate in a Rick Steve’s tour as a guest tour guide. I loved the experience and highly recommend touring with Rick Steves if you are thinking of taking a bus tour in Europe.

As of this year I am also an Official Partner of the City of Freiburg. We are a group of diverse touring companies within the city of Freiburg working together with city officials promote tourism within the city. I am very happy that Black Forest Tours is now a part of this group and hope that you can benefit from these partnerships as well – whatever your specific needs are, I am sure there is someone I can refer you to if I can’t do it myself.

I also have some new tours this year. From my experience many travelers (like you) prefer to travel independently. They want a bit of guidance, but also want to do their own thing. I have been going back and forth how I can support this particular travel style and I think I have come up with the perfect solution.

Some of you just want to tour on your own, either by car or by public transportation. So instead of touring with a Private Guide (so-called Guided Tours) or touring with a Driver (I call these Driver-Only Tours), you can also tour on your own with a  Self-Guided Tours!

If you would rather figure out your own trip, and don’t want to be limited to those things written about in only a few guide books, Self-Guided Tours come to the rescue. These tours outline where to go, what routes to take, where to stop, where to eat and what to see. All you need to do is download a tour of your choice and get a train ticket (or rental car).

It’s like a treasure hunt!

My Self-Guided Tours are a tour itinerary that gives you everything you need to know.  A recent visitor touring on a Your-Way Tour described it perfectly when he said “It’s like a treasure hunt! Thanks for all the great tips.” There are several Self-Guided Tours to choose from and I think I’ve got most areas of the Black Forest covered. I am working on extending into other areas in Germany as well, for example the Romantic Road, Neuschwanstein and the Rhine river valley. But I don’t have a timeline yet when these new destinations will become available as a Self-Guided Tour.

If find youself in Freiburg, please look me up! It’s always great meeting fellow travelers.

Happy Touring-




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