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Winter in the Black Forest

When it comes to winter in the Black Forest the past few weeks have been rather unusual. We had a bit of snow before the holidays, but most of December felt like Spring. We were looking forward to skiing at Feldberg mountain, snow shoeing at Schauinsland, cheese fondue at one of the cabins covered in snow and warming up with hot Glühwein. Visitors touring with Black Forest Tours expect a snow-covered fairy tale tour.

Personally I don’t mind that it has been rather warm, but yes, some sort of winter would have been nice. This morning we took off from Freiburg – cold, but blue skies and promising to get up to 13 Celsius. As we went up into the mountains on the gondola, we got a pleasant surprise – they are covered in snow! As it turns out, it had been raining in Freiburg the past few days. That turned into snowing just up above in the mountains.

After breakfast in the restaurant at the gondola station we climbed up a sightseeing tower at the top of the mountain. The views today were absolutely stunning. It was one of those days with crystal-clear air you only experience a few times a year. On one side we could see as far as the Swiss Alps – on the other side we saw the mountains across the border in France. It felt like we won the lottery – getting up early on the weekend wasn’t easy but well worth the effort. When are you coming to visit the Black Forest? Visit to find out what tours we offer. See you soon in the Black Forest of Germany!