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Fall has arrived in the Black Forest


Fall has finally arrived in the Black Forest. The past few days have been absolutely beautiful – picture perfect fall days. Sunny, blue skies and a temperature of 20 C. It seem we are now getting the summer we didn’t really have this year. At night temperatures drop to almost freezing point, but during the day the temperature keeps on rising. We took a driving tour through the Southern Black Forest to (what I think) is the prettiest mountain in the Black Forest – Belchen. The drive to Belchen was absolutely amazing – since the tourists have all left the streets were almost empty. We took the top down and enjoyed a warm breeze while enjoying the fall colors. Leaves have turned yellow, red and orange at this point – one of the most picturesque times to come visit. Once at Belchen we took the cable car up, grabbed lunch at the mountain restaurant and then hiked back down to the parking lot. What a nice escape from the busy city life in Freiburg! Interestingly enough Belchen mountain is not very popular with English-speaking tourists. Most people we ran into were Germans or Swiss. Tourists usually head to where ever travel books tell them to go to. In the case of the Black Forest this would be Feldberg mountain. I think you should see both during your visit to the Black Forest. Take a cable car ride up Feldberg mountain and watch the crowds of tourists take a 350 degree panoramic shot on top of the sightseeing tower. Then drive over to Belchen and enjoy the silence. End your day with a dinner at one of the many restaurants in the Belchen area. It will take you less than an hour to get back to your hotel in Freiburg. Contact us for more info on our tours of Belchen and surrounding area!

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