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Tour With A Local

Here at Black Forest Tours, we offer high-quality experiences that are custom-tailored, worry-free, hassle-free and (if desired) non-touristy. The focus of a Guided Tour is not the lowest cost. Instead, we try to create an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience for you.

Your Tour Is Unique…

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Your Tour…

  • Your agenda
  • Your specific wants and needs
  • Find the hidden gems
  • Get the inside-scoop
  • Experience it like a local

How does it work?

Our Guided Tour are individual and customized to your specific desires, needs and fitted to your particular travel style. You choose start & end points of your tour, and the duration of your tour (4-8 hours). Themes you are interested in, Activities you would love to do, Sights you would like to see and at a Pace all your own.

Not sure if this is for you?

If you do not see yourself buying a cookie-cutter vacation package, and you don’t see yourself on a bus with 49 other people; stopping at every road-side attraction whether you want to or not, with hectic deadlines, eating when and where everybody else eats. Then my tours are for you!

You already know that tour guide books try to be comprehensive, and by necessity, put you on a superficial path where you find all the other tourists who are using the same guide book. That’s not how you find special experiences.

And while The Black Forest is one of Germany’s biggest holiday region, English is not widely spoken. Even many tourist attractions do not offer tours in English. The target audience are Germans. Do-it-yourself touring of The Black Forest is not easy.

So if you feel a bit overwhelmed, running short on time to plan, concerned about the Germany language, German menus and German customs; don’t worry. With Black Forest Tours you have me around to guide you when needed, while having the freedom to do your own thing when you want.

Custom Tours

Some people like to just sit on a bench in the forest, others want to hike…

Tell me what you want to see and do. I provide options from which you can choose. All at a pace appropriate for you. I organize tours one-day-at-a-time that fit your particular travel style. You can change your mind depending on what each day brings. This is your vacation. There should be no stress.

What Is A Guided Tour Like?

Watch this short video Rick Steves made while we were touring The Black Forest together (published with permission of R.Steves):

Still not sure? See what some of our customers say:

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Black Forest Tours
Average rating:  
 173 reviews
by AnnMarie on Black Forest Tours
Our kids LOVED this tour

Simone was great with the kids.....and the adults too:). It was a chilly, rainy, foggy day in the black forest but Simone made it work. She genuinely loves the area and knows so much about it. She taught the kids a lot of history....and they didn't even know it! She was easy-going and laid back and we were happy & comfortable the whole day. The kids still talk about how much fun they had that day. We thought we might actually only be able to fill 1/2 day tour but we stayed with her the entire day. The coaster was the highlight for the kids.....even the big kids😉! Thank you, Simone! Can't wait to see you next time!

by Shannic_9 on Black Forest Tours
Enchantment Galore!

We were super lucky to have Simone herself as our guide for the day. The tour from start to finish was an enthralling and scenic experience. We would never have managed to discover the Black Forest for real without Simone. She was prompt, knowledgeable and made for excellent company. The tour was every bit worth it, a one of a kind experience!
- Shane & Nicole

by Quest10780670666 on Black Forest Tours
Best tour ever

Simone s tour of the charming Black Forest area and the city of Freiburg was the highlight of our family trip to Germany! It’s a MUST if you’re travelling to this part of the country. She was a wonderful host and tailored the tour specifically for us and it was spot on! Can’t wait to go back!

by Kim on Black Forest Tours
Thank you


You arranged a day for me full of surprises and delights and I am So grateful. Thank you for your time, your openness, and love for the Black Forest!!!!

kind regards,

by sullivision on Black Forest Tours
A Grand Day Out

One of your first trips to the Black Forest must include a guided tour and there is no better option than Simone and Black Forest Tours. Not only will you be introduced to this amazing region, but will be able to see, explore, and sample so many amazing things that you would never encounter on your own. Simone is also excellent company with many rich stories, histories and information that help to make the area come alive, and of course all the opportunities for photos and other experiences. Doing some research in advance and being honest about what you are interested in are also a must to get the most of your trip. We were not particularly interested in cuckoo clocks, so we had a completely different experience that ended up being the highlight of our entire trip. Be flexible and be prepared for different kinds of weather and you will have an excellent adventure.

by hillsidezoo on Black Forest Tours
Quick tour

We did not have a lot of time but were fortunate enough to connect with Simone for a entertaining engaging four hour tour of the Black Forest area around Freiburg
She provided us with many great photo opportunities and views along with the local insights which make for a entertaining and informative tour. Simone is very flexible and accommodating in her schedule plus she lives in the area and speaks English very well
I would highly recommend you contact her when in the area

by Delawaretravelors on Black Forest Tours
A day in the Black Forest with Simone

We booked an all day tour with only a few specific requests. It has to be noted that my wife and I have some major physical limitations. Simone not only fulfilled our request, she took the time to get to know our interest and then customized the perfect tour. It rained all day which was an actual blessing. We had the “Falls” all to ourselves! We went to very beautiful towns and nature spots not mentioned in guide books. We learned and took part in the local culture. We also developed a new friendship with Simone! For just her knowledge and passion for a region in which she was raised, you should take an all day guided tour. Don’ be scared by the prices, you could spend the same in a rental,gas and food,and never get the non-stop moments and great memories. We plan on going back again because there is so much to see and do. We cannot thank Simone enough for such a tremendous day, and we highly recommend taking her all day guided tour. *****Reminder she will allow you to customize your own tour or she will take you places based on your personality.

by flawedgem on Black Forest Tours
Cannot imagine this trip without Black Forest Tours!

I had some must-see spots which made for an ambitious itinerary but Simone made it happen. She even added some local gems that created the most unforgettable memories, some of my very favorite of my trip to Germany! Simone is very personable and she allowed just the right time at each of our stops. There is no way we would have known about some of the incredibly special places she took us. If you are going to the Black Forest you must call Black Forest Tours, you will not regret it.

by Heather ofScots on Black Forest Tours
Black Forest Tours

This was a one of a kind experience and I am so happy I decided to tour with Black Forest Tours.Simone is a fun person to be with and she has a skill for creating the perfect day customized to your interests. Definitely the highlight of our Germany trip.I highly recommend!

by jeffreya772 on Black Forest Tours
Best way to see the Black Forest

Simone gave a great 1 day tour catered to our interests. We did not feel like tourists, but like friends from out of town. Her tour was organized, fun and very insightful. Since the Black Forest is very spread out, there is no way we could have done that level of tour on our own.
She also arranged a 3 day hike for us that was also very organized. It was a perfect mix of hiking thru beautiful country, exploring small towns, sampling great wine and even trying schnapps fountain from a local farmer right on the trail.
Very well done!

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