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What are Germans like

Wanna ‘Live like a German’?

If you have always wanted to visit Germany but always thought it might be difficult to organize the trip, we have found the perfect solution for you.  “Live Like a German” is a website which helps you plan your entire trip – from flights, hotels, tours, train tickets, car rentals, apartment rentals, day trips – whatever you could possibly need – Live-Like-A-German can help. The Kraft family who runs Live-Like-A-German (a German couple that immigrated to the US ten years ago) can provide all the insider tips about where to go and what to do, even in the most remote and secluded parts of Germany. And the bonus – they have lived in the US long enough to know what Americans really like. On their web site you can find hundreds of articles about specific destinations, fun trips and activities as well as fantastic restaurants and nighttime spots. The texts are short and sweet and include pictures as well as links for further reading. This web site is both a helpful travel guide and a …

German Attitudes & Culture

Please contact us in advance* to find out if a tour can be organized on the day of your visit. (*We are usually not able to offer same-day tours as our tours are often booked-out in advance.) German Culture and Traditions can often seem strange. But understanding Germans and fitting in can be very easy – if you know the unwritten rules of German culture. The German Way – A Personal Perspective (source unknown)Germans can be a little idiosyncratic. Ask any German. Of course, there is a danger in generalizing about anything or anyone but I speak from experience here. Germans are great people, fun-loving, great hosts, generally pretty well-educated and very open to dumb questions from people like me. I love the German people. I get a kick out of elderly ladies that tell me not to cross at the red light or the businessman that tells me to keep my feet off the seats on the subway. I love the fact that a hotel proprietor in Germany threatened to call the Tourism Board …

First Time Visit to Germany?

There are tons of things people associate with Germany and consider ‘typical German’. But still –  if you have never been to Germany it might seem a bit overwhelming to get a trip organized. There is plenty of travel information available online though which will make it easy for you to learn what Germans are like, about the country and the german culture. You can find general information about Germany under Links and Resources. If you heard strange things about Germans and are interested in learning more about their culture please visit German Attitudes and Culture. German News in English will help you start reading up on what’s happening in Germany and allow you to communicate with other english-speaking people living in Germany.