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Rhine River Cruise – Private Shore Excursion

Many of the Rhine River Cruise Ships offer bus tours to the Black Forest. But many people prefer a private tour instead. There you get to see things large bus groups can’t. You can void the most touristy places – if you want to. With us you can get off-the-beaten path and go where the locals go. And you can ask me as many questions as you like.

Upper Rhine Valley – what do you think about it?

You’ve been visiting the Black Forest in Germany, have been to the Alsace region in France and of course you crossed borders into Switzerland. And you did it all in one day, right? In our region it’s possible to do – so why not! The border region of Switzerland, France and Germany is considered to be one of the most beautiful region in Europe. Called the Dreilaendereck in German (literally 3-country-corner) people who live here are used to be crossing borders on a daily basis. Many live on one side of the border and work on the other side. Currently more than 90,000 people are crossing borders every day to get to work. On the weekend people cross borders to get cheaper gas in France or go swimming in the thermal pools of Germany. There is always a reason to drive over the Rhine to the other country. And it makes you feel special if you can quickly drive over to Switzerland at lunch time to buy a delicious cheese for the dinner party. When …