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Does The Black Forest Really Exist?

Yes, it does! And in reality the Black Forest is not only one of the most beautiful, but also one of the biggest and best known holiday regions in Germany. Three distinctive features give this region its unique character: its highlands, scenery and woods, the typical Black Forest Cake made with local cherry schnapps (called Kirschwasser in german) and the traditional cuckoo-clock.

Situated at the entry to the Black Forest lies Freiburg, a city not only known as the ‘capital of the Black Forest’ but also being referred to as the Sunshine Capital of Germany’ – the sunniest and warmest city in Germany according to meteorological statistics. With the most hours of sunshine and the warmest climate in Germany the weather of this region makes it easy to spend an entire summer outdoors hiking, mountain-biking, nordic walking, relaxing in a beer garden or at one of the many well-known wineries and restaurants. Curious?

Naturally people think of mountains and forests if they hear the word Black Forest. But at the base of the Black Forest’s mountain range and covering about one third of the Black Forest region, sits the wine area of Baden, the third largest wine-growing region in Germany. This western edge of the Black Forest consists of an endless number of vineyards and vines, wine-villages and little farms. Wine cellars invite guests to sample their best vintages, while wine festivals are celebrated throughout summer and fall.

Some of the best restaurants in Germany are also located in the Black Forest, with hundreds of guest houses, restaurants and hotels having been decorated with stars, diamonds and other gourmet awards. Do you know much about German Attitudes and Culture? Besides having the best food, the people in the south-west of Germany are also known for their distinctive accent, their friendliness (it’s the sun!) and hospitality. People are laid-back and prefer having a good time rather than stressing about things.

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