Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Black Forest Cake, PomPom Hats and Cuckoo-Clocks are what most people associate with the Black Forest.

Whereas most people love to eat Black Forest Cake and find PomPom Hats rather funny many would not be caught dead with a cuckoo-clock. But the majority of people see cuckoo clocks as the best example of the inventiveness and skills of Black Forest craftsmen. Starting out in the 17th century the Black Forest clock making industry has been a success story for hundreds of years. Initially clocks were made by farmers to make some extra money. The cuckoo clock which is designed with a cuckoo that pops out through the door in the clock face has been a success story ever since.  The traditional cuckoo clock is made out of wood and ressembles a small gate-keeper’s house. But these days many cuckoos live in upscale Black Forest cuckoo clock castles with farm animals, watermills and traditionally-dressed figures. Recently many modern and designer cuckoo-clocks have popped up to tap into the market for younger people.

The Black Forest Clock Road leads you through several small picturesque villages in the Black Forest where you can find small shops offering thousands of different king of cuckoo clocks. If you are lucky you can actually watch one of the clock makers building a cuckoo clock while you visit.
During many of our tours we will show you some of the largest cuckoo clocks in the world or can even schedule a visit to one of the last cuckoo clock factories in the area. See you soon in the Black Forest!