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Join me on a weekly Freiburg Culinary Tour!

When traveling I always enjoyed attending one of the local culinary tours. Many times I was surprised to find out what the locals eat – very different from what tourists eat! I usually try to attend at least one culinary tour or cooking class when traveling. Over the past few months I have received quite a few inquiries regarding cooking classes in the Black Forest or Culinary Tours in Freiburg. I had a difficult time to actually locate (english-speaking) people who were able to offer what I was looking for! To make a long story short – after a lot of research (it required me to eat and drink my way through the Black Forest!) , meeting lots of local producers, farmers, cheese makers, chefs, coffee makeres, brewers, wine makers I finally decided Freiburg was ready for an English-speaking Culinary Tour! Join me on one of my weekly tours in Freiburg to find out where to locals eat and drink, which fruits and vegetables are in season, what local schnaps tastes, where to get the …

Getting a Taste of A Real Black Forest Cake

On your list of things to do while visiting the Black Forest should be ‘getting a taste of the real Black Forest cake’. Have you tried a piece yet? Many visitors from other countries are surprised about the variety of Black Forest cake being offered in the Black Forest. Not only do they look differently from what’s considered a Black Forest cake in other countries. They also taste very different! One of the reason for that is that we use real cherry-liquor. Of course you can also order a piece of non-alcoholic Black Forest cake….but then…would that be a real Black Forest cake? The restaurants and cafes in the Black Forest keep on coming up with new creations on how to package the Black Forest cake. Last years invention was the ‘Black Forest cake in a can’. This years invention is the Black Forest cake in a glass: We have seen it a few years ago already in some of the higher-end restaurants. But this year it seems that many restaurants have picked up the …

The Making of a Black Forest Cake

People say that the place serving the best Black Forest cake (or Black Forest Gateau as many call it) is without a doubt the Black Forest in Germany. There are many stories surrounding the question on how the Black Forest cake got created for the very first time. One thing for sure – unless you use Schwarzwaelder Kirschwasser (Black Forest Kirsch) in the cake, it will not be a real Black Forest Cake. Black Forest Cakes For some insights on the process of making the cake and the ingredients please have a look at our videos below (unfortunately they are in German, but we are sure you can figure it all out just by watching). If you are interested in attending a hands-on baking class, join us on one of our Cake Baking Tours during your next Germany vacation!

our latest addition: Schnaps tasting tour

What’s the most important thing when visiting the Black Forest?  Eat a big piece of the world-famous Black Forest Cake, right?  Well only authentic Black Forest cakes contains original Black Forest Kirschwasser – a distilled schnaps. We have added a Schnaps Tasting Tour to our Black Forest vacation tours. There are more than 14,000 approved distilleries in the Black Forest today and we will take you to some small local distilleries  so you can taste some of the finest schnaps made. The best distilleries produce small batches of schnaps of a wide variety fruit, but typically apples, pears and cherries.   See you soon in the Black Forest!

German Black Forest Cake

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (literally Black Forest cherry torte) is a local specialty of the Black Forest and also known as Black Forest Cake (American English) or Black Forest Gateau (British English). The cake is made out of several layers of chocolate with whipped cream and cherries between each layer. Then the cake is being decorated with additional whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and chocolate shavings. Traditionally, Kirschwasser (cherry schnapps) is added to the cake. It is said that the best Kirschwasser for a Black Forest Cake is made from locally picked fruit as the Black Forest is the only place where the right kind of cherries thrive. Black Forest Cake can be found in every restaurant and cafe. Even breweries serve Black Forest Cake. Join us on one of our Black Forest Cake Baking Tours and learn how to make a Black Forest cake the right way. Have a look at some of our videos to learn some of the secrets on how to make a real Black Forest cake. Guten Appetit!