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German Wine?

When it comes to wine everyone has heard of Napa Valley. And of course France, Italy, Australia and Chile. But visiting Germany on a wine tour? Interestingly enough we have more and more visitors from overseas acknowledging the excellence of German wines and wanting to discover them on a wine tour. There are 13 wine regions in Germany altogether. With more than 23,000 vineyards in Baden we are considered the 3rd largest wine region in Germany. The climate here is very warm, vineyards being protected by the mountains and facing the Rhine. Due to the warm climate in this most southern wine region in Germany, Baden is the only wine region in Germany that is considered a Wine-zone B. This is the same category as the famous French wine-growing areas Alsace, Champagne, Loire Valley. That means what’s being produced here has to meet stricter quality standards than wine grown in any other part of Germany. With every sip you taste you will fall in love with German wines. The Baden Wine road connects numerous old …

French mountain biker wins the Black Forest race

If you are lucky enough to be in the Black Forest this holiday weekend (Monday is a holiday!) we hope you were able to stop by at the Mountain Bike World Cup in Offenburg today. With sunshine, blue skies and 25 degrees Celsius it was a perfect day for this race. Have a look at some of our pictures on Picasa if you missed the event! 20100523 Mountain Bike Worldcup Offenburg, Black Forest The women’s race started at 10.45 AM, the men followed at 2.30 PM. For the fourth time in a row French rider Julien Absalon won the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Offenburg. The women’s race was won by Canadian Catherine Pendrel. If you are interested in exploring the Black Forest on a mountain bike have a look at the mountain bike tours or other vacation tours we are offering. See you this summer in Germany!

World’s best mountain bike event coming up in May

Voted as the world’s best mountain bike event of the year  the Mountain Bike World Cup is coming up on May 22 and May 23rd 2010 in the town of Offenburg in the Black Forest. The preparation of this year’s 5.2 km long Mountain Bike circuit has begun about 5 months ago and is known for its steep slopes and climbs. We are expecting over 20,000 spectators to cheer for the world´s best mountain bikers on this upcoming weekend. There are also more than 280 course marshals, section leaders and the mountain rescue service attending the race. If you happen to be visiting the Black Forest in May, join us for this event and watch some of the most spectacular mountain bike races you’ll ever see. Tickets can be purchased online or contact us for assistance.  If you miss the event but are visiting the Black Forest in the summer you can book a mountain bike tour with us to see how challenging the area is.