The Black Forest Trail: 2 to 5 days of hiking

scary-black-forestOur Black Forest Trail is a customized, select portion of the famous Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage trail (which is eventually ending in Spain). Our special package makes for fairly easy to medium trails with daily distances between 13 to 17 km (8-10.5 miles), some shortcuts possible. You spend your evenings at small family-owned hotels in beautiful small Black Forest towns. We provide guidance off the trail too, so you can make the most of your time while in

The Black Forest is not what the English name suggests. It is not a single forest, but rather it is the name given to the mountainous region in the southwestern corner of Germany. About 60% of the land is forest. Therefore there is also a lot of open country too. The terrain of the Central Black Forest (where this trail is located) is postcard perfect – composed of heavily forested mountains with steep ravines and farms in the valleys, which are further surrounded by orchards and vineyard lower down in the foothills.

Is this a good hike for me? The Black Forest Trail Package is a good choice if you are looking for intermediate hikes. Our hotels are located in small Black Forest towns. Therefore this is a great tour if you are looking for quiet time in nature while also exploring beautiful medieval towns of the Black Forest in the evening.

Good to know: Please note that there is quite a bit of elevation to cover on the Black Forest Trail (see elevation profiles below) -not a problem for a fit person though – but there are a few mountains to climb. The Black Forest Trail also takes you through quite an off-the-beaten path area, you might hike for several km without running into other people. If you are looking to stay closer to towns and people, have a look at our Countryside Walk instead – on which you stay closer to towns and where you has less elevation to cover.

How long? The Black Forest Trail is available as a 2, 3, 4 or 5 day hiking package – depending on how much time you have available and how fit you are. Most people hike the entire Black Forest Trail (4 hiking days). If you have more time, we recommend adding one more day – either to do an additional hike, or to do some sightseeing – or just to relax. If you just want to get a taste, then the 2 day hike is ideal. Often people add on an additional day at the very end to do some sightseeing in the Black Forest.

We provide all trail information and maps and take care of your luggage transfer.

The Complete Black Forest Trail: 4 days hiking / 5 nights hotel 

  • Day 1. arrival in the Black Forest, the hotel is 45 minutes away from Offenburg
  • Day 2. first hike 15 km total (shortcut to 7 km hike/4 miles plus 5 min train ride)
  • Day 3. second hike 17 km total. (shortcut to 11 km/7 miles hike plus 5 min train ride)
  • Day 4. third hike 13 km total.
  • Day 5. fourth hike 17 km total (shortcut to 11 km/7 miles hike)
  • Day 6. departure from the Black Forest, your hotel is 10 minutes away from Offenburg.

The Extended Black Forest Trail: 5 days hiking / 6 nights hotel 

  • add on an additional hiking day in your fourth hotel – you will not be changing hotels that night. Night 4 and 5 are spend in the same hotel, your additional day of hiking is 15 km and starts/ends at the same hotel, a luggage transfer and change of hotels is not required that day.

The Relaxed Black Forest Trail: 4 days hiking / 1 day of relaxation & sightseeing / 6 nights hotel 

  • add on an additional day in one of the towns you are staying at. You will have 2 nights at the same hotel. We consult you on what town to stay in – depending on what you would like to see/do on your day off. Many Black Forest sights are only a few minutes away from our hike – for example the clock area, the open-air farmhouse museum, Germany’s highest waterfall.

The Short Black Forest Trail: 3 days hiking / 4 nights hotel: your hiking adventure starts with the second hike

The Mini Black Forest Trail: 2 days hiking / 3 nights hotel:  your hiking adventure starts with the third hike

Detailed itinerary of the 4 day hike (Complete Black Forest Trail)

  • DAY 1 (arrival day): Arrive in the Black Forest by train. We organize your transportation from the train station to your 4 star wellness hotel. We recommend arriving by lunch time, because a small lunch buffet is included in your package; served from 12.30-2.30 PM.  In the afternoon there is also complimentary cake & coffee.  You can use the wellness facilities while your rooms are prepared (available at 3 PM). If you are arriving by car, you can park close to your final hotel and take the train to your first hotel; a 20 minute train ride.
  • DAY 2 (first hiking day): Enjoy your breakfast buffet. Check-out time is 11 AM.  Many visitors like to enjoy the wellness facilities in the morning and start hiking by 11 AM. Today’s hike is 15 km total. If you prefer a shorter hike there is an option to cut the hike short at 7 km and hop on the train. This is a really smooth stretch of your tour. Your hike starts in front of your hotel.  From here, you will be hiking down from the top of the mountain into the valley – a bit steep 7 km – but in absolutely beautiful terrain. Now if you time it right, you can get refreshed at the beergarden in the valley. And if you are too tired or relaxed after your respite, you have the option to skip the remaining hike and jump on the train to your hotel. Real hikers continue on of course – crossing over another mountain. You will be rewarded with a beautiful chapel and the best vistas of the day as you descend the hillside into town to your hotel. Upon arrival at your destination you can check into your hotel (after 2 PM), then stroll through town or enjoy a piece of Black Forest cake in a nearby cafe. If you cut your hike short and arrive in town even earlier, this could also be a good day to do some other sightseeing. The popular open-air farmhouse museum Vogtsbauernhof and the cuckoo clock area are 30-45 minutes away (free on public transportation). If you are interested in glass-blowing you can visit the museum to blow your own glass vase! At the end of your day you stay at a small family-run hotel right in the heart of this small Black Forest town.
  • DAY 3 (second hiking day): Today’s hike has two parts. We encourage you to do both parts, of course. Part 1 (6 km):  This is a short, but a bit steep climb up and over a mountain, mostly on small trails. On top of the mountain you stop at a cabin with fantastic vistas overlooking the valley.  Part 2 (11 km): This section of the hike starts off with a castle ruin and a small chapel. You can enjoy a self-serve fridge at a farmhouse before climbing up a sightseeing tower. The hike down the mountain to your hotel has another surprise: a small chapel with miniature Black Forest mills on display.  Tonight you are staying at a wellness hotel with an excellent restaurant. It is only a short walk from the town center.
  • DAY 4 (third hiking day):  Today’s hike is short and easy (13 km). There is a constant climb at the beginning. Once you are on the summit you can enjoy views over the valley. From there the trails take you down into the town you are staying at. On a clear day this hike provides you with plenty of panoramic views and an option to stop for lunch at local restaurant.  In the evening you stay at a family run hotel with a swimming pool; have dinner at the hotel or explore restaurants in town.
  • DAY 5 (fourth hiking day):  We saved the best for last. This trail has it all with scenic spots, a cabin, a schnapps fountain, vineyards, 2 restaurants, 1 café, and a possible shortcut which saves 6 km ( if you must ).  In your last town you have the option to upgrade to a 4 star hotel.
  • DAY 6 (departure day):  People often add on an additional day in this town to do some sightseeing – the cuckoo clock area is nearby too.

Hotel 1. This beautiful hotel happens to be a 4 star hotel and is located in the middle of the Black Forest. Included with your stay is a transfer by private car from the train station to the hotel. There is a complimentary lunch buffet waiting for you on your arrival day. And also complimentary coffee/cake in the afternoon of your arrival day. Early check-in on your arrival day 12.30 PM (room available at 3 PM), check-out 11 AM. The hotel has an extensive wellness area with several pool & saunas. The hotel is very remote, there is no cell phone reception.

Hotel 2.  In the second town we work with 2 hotels

  • standard hotel: a small family-owned hotel located in a timber-framed building in the heart of the old town.
  • upgraded hotel:  a modern boutique-style hotel located 2 km (1,2 miles) outside of town with an excellent restaurant & wellness facilities on site.  Please note – since the hotel is outside of town your hike on day 1 and day 2 will be 2 km longer.

Hotel 3. In this town we work with family-owned hotel in walking distance to the old town. The hotel offers an outdoor pool & sauna

  • standard rooms: stay in the older part of the hotel in a comfortable standard room
  • upgraded rooms: stay in the brand-new section of the hotel, all rooms are modern and updated

Hotel 4.  This is not a touristy town and therefore there is only one family-owned hotel – there is no option to upgrade. It is a simple and clean hotel in a residential neighborhood offering an indoor pool & sauna.

Hotel 5. In the last medieval town we work with several hotels, all located in the middle of town.

  • standard hotel: we work with several family-owned hotels
  • upgraded hotel:  this 4 star boutique hotel is located in a historic building. Sauna and wellness facilities.

We are excited that our Black Forest Hiking Trail has been featured in Lonely Planet Magazine’s February 2018 Edition as one of ’52 Best Weekends Away 2018′:

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The Black Forest Trail
Average rating:  
 44 reviews
by guidedog1951 on The Black Forest Trail
Forest trails, lush farmlands, and great hotels, AND exercise

We have been to Germany and Switzerland many times and have always made hiking tours when we could. It is one thing to pick a landing spot and make a route and another to have a route planned out where even locals might not choose to go. Simone's tour is incredible -- each leg is described in complete detail, and she provides GPS tracks as well so you are never in doubt as to where you are. The schwartzwald forest and farm countryside speaks for itself, hills, valleys, streams, forest roads, tiny tracks and then at the end of each day a 3 or 4 star hotel to unwind and refresh in. We went in late fall, with acorns and chestnuts under our feet - if you love to hike, and want to make a tour like a real german might do, then by all means take Simone's Black Forest Tour, you will not be disappointed!

by Margie on The Black Forest Trail
Black Forest Trail

Hi Simone,

My apologies for not getting tin touch earlier but we are only just back home after a fabulous holiday. Lots of highlights but our Black Forest hike was certainly one of the best.

From the minute we arrived at our first hotel, we were very impressed and felt very welcome. We could easily have made our base there! Your trail notes and signs were so detailed, making the hike stress free (in terms of directions)! What amazing scenery and atmosphere! We loved arriving in such special towns at the end of each walk and having time to explore.

We loved all the accommodation and restaurants you recommended. We were glad we took your dinner recommendation on the third night and had dinner in the town - the restaurant was fabulous!

Thank you for your fabulous organisation. We feel very privileged to have visited such a beautiful part of the world. We do hope to return!

Kind regards,

Margaret (and Stephen)

by guidedog1951 on The Black Forest Trail
Forest trails, lush farmlands, and great hotels, AND exercise

We have been to Germany and Switzerland many times and have always made hiking tours when we could. It is one thing to pick a landing spot and make a route and another to have a route planned out where even locals might not choose to go. Simone's tour is incredible -- each leg is described in complete detail, and she provides GPS tracks as well so you are never in doubt as to where you are. The schwartzwald forest and farm countryside speaks for itself, hills, valleys, streams, forest roads, tiny tracks and then at the end of each day a 3 or 4 star hotel to unwind and refresh in. We went in late fall, with acorns and chestnuts under our feet - if you love to hike, and want to make a tour like a real german might do, then by all means take Simone's Black Forest Tour, you will not be disappointed!

by Lisa on The Black Forest Trail
Thank you

Thank you for great organization — your tour is really great.


by Michael on The Black Forest Trail

Hi, Simone

Just wanted to check in and tell you we’ve lucked out with the weather and we’ve been having a great time on our hike. We had a bit of difficulty last night finding the hotel b/c we forgot to look at the detailed map you had for getting across the river to the hotel and wound up walking to the far river bridge and then back, so yesterday was probably 20 km, but we didn’t mind once we got to the hotel! Otherwise the directions have been great and the GPS track spot on, except for a couple of little places. Anyway, the walking is so much fun and seeing places most tourists never will is really an extra bonus. Today we stopped at the vacation hof and had for a beer at that vending machine. This really old dog came out and waited for us to finish and then lead us across the road and showed us the way up the meadow where the actual trail was closed for farmwork! Good dog!

All the luggage transfers have gone without a problem, so we are very happy and looking forward to our last hike tomorrow. It appears it will rain tonight and then clear up, but we are going rain or shine.

Thanks for all your assistance.



by Tanya on The Black Forest Trail
Black Forest Trail

Hey Simone!

We absolutely loved the hiking tour you set up for us. What a fun adventure. Your instructions were great and all of the hotels worked out well. The bag transfers went off without a hitch.

In any case the Black Forrest hike was a highlight of our 3 week trip. The scenery was great and we
Loved walking near the farms and seeing the animals. We wished we had been a few weeks earlier to take advantage of the Kneipp water therapy stations.

Tanya and Mike Kern

by marg_loomes on The Black Forest Trail
Fabulous hike in the Black Forest

Simone’s communication was excellent from our first email!From the minute we arrived at our first hotel, we were very impressed and felt very welcome. We could easily have made our base there! The trail notes and signs were so detailed, making the hike stress free (in terms of directions)! What amazing scenery and atmosphere! We loved arriving in such special towns at the end of each walk and having time to explore.We thoroughly enjoyed the accommodation and restaurants recommended.We do hope to return!

by Elaine M on The Black Forest Trail
Lovely towns, beautiful scenery, but hard

Simone put together an excellent trip. Everything was organized well, if we had any questions, we could call her, and she was always available with help. The places we stayed varied. We didn't do the deluxe trip, but a couple of the places were pretty deluxe. The others we nice. The towns are lovely and interesting, if you have any energy left to look at them. Overall, the hiking is pretty hard. I knew that I wasn't in as good of shape as I wanted to be or as my husband, but he said that there were train shortcuts, if I wanted. The second day I did cut some off at the beginning, but the rest of the day was pretty hard. I ended up not hiking the final two days, but my husband went ahead, and he enjoyed it. I was able to use the very nice pool at the one hotels both of those days getting there earlier than check-in the first day, and then using it after check-out the next day, and since I am more of a swimmer than a hiker, I was happy. We had good food at the hotels along the way also. In additioni don't just read about the average temperatures in Sept. like we did. The weather was much hotter. We were very prepared for rain and cold, but not so much for the heat.

by Brittany on The Black Forest Trail
Great directions!

Hi Simone,
We had a wonderful time and just got home yesterday. I will try to get on those review sometime this week. The trail directions were so incredibly useful. We never got lost!


by Ben on The Black Forest Trail
Thank you

Hallo Simone,

I have arrived at the first hotel and I'm just about to start my first trek. I received your package, you are well organised! The trail marker is also a nice touch, thank you 🙂

by Mark on The Black Forest Trail
Black Forest Trail


The trip has been wonderful so far.
All of the trails, the food, and the hotels have been amazing. Thank you so much.

by Jaydubs245 on The Black Forest Trail
Amazing way to visit Germany

Amazing way to visit Germany
We did the 4 day hike along the black forest trail. This tour was by far the best way i have ever visited Germany. Beautiful scenery, remote little villages, very friendly people. Most impressive was the organisation by Simone. The welcome packs, maps and helpful tips were spot on, making the entire trip even better than i had hoped. Beautiful part of Germany, and hiking is the best way to see it. Would do this tour again.

by Dave on The Black Forest Trail

Hi Simone, the hike was fantastic and your trail advice in the documents were great. David

by awctan on The Black Forest Trail
Already missing the Black Forest!

This is my second self guided hike with Simone, and it was again impeccable! I went with a friend and Simone was absolutely amazing through every stage of the planning - from suggesting tour options to working out the nitty gritty of each stage.

We did the 4 day Black Forest hike, with extensions of our stays in 2 towns and hotel upgrades to spa hotels (believe me, you will need it). Simone secured us excellent hotels with amazing upgrades (we got the penthouse suite in the last one).

The hikes she designed were amazing, wit super clear instructions and great recommendations for detours or lunch stops. She has clearly put a lot of thought into the package. We also noticed that she planned an easy short hike right after the toughest hike on the schedule, which was a great idea.

Her hikes are also constantly updated: I gave her my trail notes from each day and not only did she act almost immediately on problems I mentioned (she contacted the Black Forest hiking group to clear some overgrowth partially obscuring a sign), she decided to hike parts of a trail I highlighted to her in order to update her instructions.

You will be in good hands with Simone! Thank you very much and I hope to come back!

by Audrey on The Black Forest Trail
Black Forest Trail

Dear Simone,

Just a quick note to let you know that we had a great time hiking and saunaing! Thank you so much for organising everything - it was really perfect and I hope to come to the Black Forest again!

Have a great summer,
Audrey Tan

by amphioxus on The Black Forest Trail
Terrific mini-adventures in the Black Forest

Superb written directions and maps take you signpost to signpost, up and down the beautiful wooded hills of the Black Forest and past scenic views of valleys and their towns!

by Ray on The Black Forest Trail

Thank you for a wonderful journey.

by Jared on The Black Forest Trail
Authentic Schwarzwald Experience

Hi Simone,
We arrived safely at our last hotel a few hours ago. I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful hike! The navigational details were so precise, the scenery was gorgeous, and the weather was mostly great. We feel we have had such an authentic Schwarzwald experience that we will remember fondly. I will recommend you to our friends!

Thanks again!

by Suz on The Black Forest Trail
Highlight of our trip

Hi Simone,

Everything was great, nothing confusing. We really liked the second (upgraded) hotel and it wasn’t too far away from town.

Thanks so much, the hike was the highlight of our trip!

by Megan on The Black Forest Trail
Get off the beaten tourist-trail and explore the Black Forest on foot!

My husband & I had a wonderful time hiking through the Black Forest for 5 days. When we arrived at our first hotel (a beautiful spa set in the rolling hills of the Black Forest), we were greeted with a tote bag full of the things we'd need for our hike. We felt comfortable & welcomed from the start.

Simone's hiking directions were great, & were complete with things to see along the trail. The tiny working water-powered mill & schnapps fountain were our favorites! The hiking was fairly easy & relaxing. I brought hiking boots but switched to sneakers part-way through. We were never too far from civilization, passing through farms & within sight of towns several times per day, but in many places, it also felt quite remote.

We met & talked with a number of locals during our hike. So if you do this hike, don’t be shy — say hello. Along the trails & in some of the smaller towns, a basic knowledge of travelers’ German will serve you well, since not everyone speaks English. But even if you know no German at all, you’ll get along just fine.

We enjoyed all the hotels at which we stayed - small- to medium-sized establishments with local character & charm. Simone arranged to have our luggage transferred from hotel to hotel, so each day, we hiked only with small daypacks. All of the enjoyment of a multi-day hike with none of the weight on your back!

Imagine hiking all day passing through forest, field, & farm, then strolling through sunlit vineyards as you crest the hill on the outside of town near sunset & gaze down upon the medieval town that will be your home for the night. You then walk through the streets, find your hotel, check in with the staff person who is already expecting you, & are shown to your room where your luggage awaits. Finally, you order & enjoy a bottle of local wine while you unwind & clean up. Dinner is delicious, with a menu of regional specialties far removed from the generic fare you’d find at most German restaurants in the States. After dinner, you explore the town on foot as twilight descends. Nice, right?

Simone even met us on our last morning, & gave us a personal walking tour of the town she knows & loves. She asked for our thoughts & feedback to make this tour even better. Simone clearly cares about her clients & the excellent quality of the hiking & guiding services she offers.

If you want a personalized, worry-free way to get off the beaten tourist-path & see the Black Forest as the locals do, contact Simone!

by Helen on The Black Forest Trail
Fabulous four day Black Forest Tour

A friend and I wanted to spend a few days hiking in the Black Forest. We were happy to do a self guided hike but wanted some local advice and were finding it hard to get clear information. Until we found Simone! Wow, she solved everything. After checking our preferences, she organised our accommodation in lovely family run hotels, transferred our suitcases while we hiked, gave great food recommendations and very detailed instructions for four lovely days of hiking. The hikes weren't intense but were long and challenging enough to be satisfying while leaving some time to explore each new town we stayed at. Simone was extremely attentive to detail and clearly cares very much about her guests' experience. Excellent value and highly recommended!

by Cat C on The Black Forest Trail
Great experience!!!

Everything was perfectly organized, between pick up service, luggage transfer, warm welcoming on the tour and at the hotels. Beautiful landscapes from the beginning till the end on the trail. I will definitively recommend it and do it again. Really a must!!!

by Catherine on The Black Forest Trail
Amazing trip

Hello Simone,

I was thinking to write you even before you ask to let you know how much we enjoyed the tour. My brother and I really appreciate the overall. We had a great experience. The organization was very good. The hotels were all welcoming. The best of all the hotels was the first hotel, what a wonderful experience. I could even picture myself staying two days there. We followed your recommendations in term of restaurants and we have never been disappointed. For the walking part, the landscapes were amazing. We have been lost a bit only once when we were close to arrive to the second hotel because of the explanations about going towards to Riegelsberg, then we checked the map (very useful indeed) and realize that we were going away from the destination.

I will highly recommend your tour and think of your offers for another trek next year.

Greetings from Berlin


by Helen on The Black Forest Trail
Loved our hike!

Hi Simone,

We have arrived at our last hotel after four fantastic days of walking. Thank you so much for the thought and attention you put into planning an excellent Black Forest hiking experience! The route was very well chosen, the instructions very detailed and it was a real pleasure walking the entire route. ?

I think you have done a fantastic job of creating a very accessible, interesting and well planned hiking tour!

You clearly care very much about your guests' experience, and we are VERY satisfied without Black Forest adventure!

Best wishes,



by Barbara M on The Black Forest Trail
Great first day hiking!

Hi Simone,

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the hotel last night - wonderful facilities, people & food! We also had an most enjoyable hike today - excellent directions & perfect weather too!

Looking forward to our hike tomorrow.

Thank you,

by Wolfgang W on The Black Forest Trail
The perfect vacation

Hi Simone,

We had a great time and hiking on those peaceful trails was very relaxing. The provided directions and details were perfect, impossible to get lost. The trails were very beautiful and doable, even at our old (60+) age. We did not have to consider any of the possible shortcuts offered in the directions. The hotels were good and our luggage was always waiting for us at the next hotel. We will definitely try this again.

Thank you.

by Marli on The Black Forest Trail
I will be back

Hi Simone

I had such a wonderful time, it did rain on the second day but only the first 20 minutes or so and it stopped as soon as I got to the forest. The hotels were great, I especially loved the last one. I will definitely do this again, you made it all very easy!

Thank you again for all your help. Back to work today unfortunately!

Kind regards


by Sally W on The Black Forest Trail
Black Forest Hike

Had a really great time on my black forest tour. The hiking tours were a great mix of easy to moderate. I walked through some very beautiful spaces and loved the little towns I stayed in. Simone was so incredibly helpful and responsive even though I was booking very last minute. Can't thank her enough!

by Sally W on The Black Forest Trail
Thank you thank you thank you!

Hello Simone!

Everything was really great and the hotels were very nice. Lovely staff and rooms. I was definitely very tired after the first day haha but I had a great time. Thank you thank you thank you!


by PeterL on The Black Forest Trail

Helo Simone - Thanks again for all the help in putting together the hike. The four of us all really did have a blast. The hotels were brilliant. I am not sure what I was expecting as far as accommodations, but the first hotel in particular really surprised me. It could most certainly be called resort. My wife and I are trying to eat vegan, and the hotels were all very accommodating and by and large offered to cook something special for us every time. As a child I lived in that area, so was familiar with some of the area, but the medieval town on the last day was a place I had never visited. What a picturesque place! Truly beautiful and a great choice for finishing.

The maps and details were most helpful and clearly took time to prepare. Thank you so much! One the whole though, brilliant! Thank you so much.


by vlublink on The Black Forest Trail
A Delightful Hike through the Beautiful Black Forest.

We wanted a 4 day hike in the Black Forest and found exactly what we were looking for with Black Forest Tours. None of our group of 4 had done a hike like this before and wanted some help setting it up. We received detailed instructions and maps that lead us along well marked trails through absolutely stunning scenery. We spent the nights in lovely and comfortable hotels, that were booked for us by Black Forest Tours. Each day our main luggage was transported for us to the next hotel. All we had to carry was a small day pack. What more could we want? We averaged about 15 kilometers a day, with varied paths and lots of hills, but no 'technical' climbing. The only special equipment we used was hiking poles, which can be rented from the company if you don't have any. You will need comfortable clothing and good walking/hiking shoes.
All in all it was an amazing holiday, which we hope to repeat another year.

by Paul on The Black Forest Trail

We're at the first hotel of our trip and it is stunning! Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much

by Valerie on The Black Forest Trail
It was amazing!!!

Hi Simone,

We loved the hike!!!! The scenery is so beautiful!!!! We loved not having to worry about our luggage or choosing hotels. Everything was so well organized. Thank you

In the end we hiked 72 kilometers instead of the about 60 that were planned as we somehow got off the trail a few times. I found the uphills a challenge, but so worth it. We belong to a walking club back home and we are going to recommend that they all do this hike!! (maybe as a group). We are so excited about how great it was, that people want to know the details!

On day 2 we started in rain but soon walked into sun! I had to take a picture because it was one of those moments along the trail that was just a classic Black Forest Hiking moment. It looked like the kind of spot that I saw years ago in a brochure about hiking in the Black Forest! That amazing moment when you come out of the forest and it seems the whole Black Forest is spread out in front of you.

Generally, the instructions were excellent and we really appreciated the details and pictures. Thank you.

It was an amazing hiking holiday and we all really loved it. My husband and I had never been to this part of Germany before and were really delighted with it.

Thanks again. It was amazing!!!  It was all I could have hoped a Black Forest Hike could be!


by Nathan on The Black Forest Trail
Will definitely be back!

Hi Simone,

We had an absolutely fantastic time in the Black Forest and really enjoyed hiking the trail both days. Hotels were good with nice breakfast and friendly service in all of them. The last town was beautiful and a really nice place to finish the hike.

We only wish we had more time there to hike a few more days and we will definitely be back!

Thank you


by Catalina and Sami on The Black Forest Trail
experience of a lifetime

Hi Simone,

We absolutely LOVED our Black Forest trail experience, really truly it was one of the best things we've ever done on holiday - and are so inspired to come back for more. So many magnificent scenes and breathtaking vistas on the hikes, and the accommodation was all really great. We managed to complete both days in full (our leg muscles are very sore today though!).

We sincerely thank you for the upgrade at our last hotel too, that was so special and the best thing to conclude the trip. The humidity was very intense that day, so we arrived to our welcome champagne as "two tired hot sweaty (happy) messes"! The room was amazing and the facilities were heaven.

Thank you once again Simone, it was the experience of a lifetime and we really appreciate your time & efforts organising it for us. We will highly recommend you to anyone planning a holiday in Germany.

All the best,
Catalina and Sami

by joeF3448VT on The Black Forest Trail
Great hiking trip

What a great trip! Simone organised an excellent hiking trip for me and my 15 year old son. She was helpful and responsive. It was a trip with fantastic scenery, great food and quaint towns.

by Alicia Keesman on The Black Forest Trail
Castles, Forests, Villages, Schnapps Fountains and More!

Three of us did the Black Forest Trail; which, involved 4 days of hiking and 5 nights in hotels. If I could give this experience a 6 out of 5 stars, I would! We had such an amazing time and saw the beautiful landscapes of the Black Forest in a way that merely driving through could not provide.

Communication with Simone was amazing. During my planning (as well as during the hike) she would email me back information so quickly, that I began to wonder if she wasn't permanently adhered to her phone. This made things so much easier in the planning stages.

Everything went seamlessly before and during the trip. A very detailed package that was emailed to me outlined the trip. The entire trip, water bottles, a hat, and even nut snacks were in our room when we arrived. The details and even pictures of the trail and the way to go was very easy to follow. Following the trails and navigating through the cities were outlined in maps as well as verbalized directions and pictures. For those wanting to do a trip like this, remember to trust the directions, they are correct even if you think you might be going the wrong way! We did this and veered-off the assigned path; but, it's easy to backtrack or follow a different way to get where you need to go.

The transfer of luggage from hotel to hotel was excellent! We never worried about anything being stolen from the luggage, as all the hotel patrons are very trustworthy. We never had an issue with the luggage and it was always at the hotel before we arrived. Sometimes, it was even placed in our assigned rooms! The hotels we were booked into were also excellent. Spacious, comfortable, clean and breakfast every morning was a treat. The hot showers after a hike and comfortable beds made us feel spoiled!

The hikes themselves are beautiful. From stunning landscapes overlooking villages and towns to old castle ruins and old hiker chapels, the hikes provided everything we needed. Even a lovely foot soaking station and schnapps fountain could be found on the trail! A couple farms have also provided fridges with beer, water, juice, and snacks for a cheap cost. We looked very forward to these and are very appreciative of the farmers providing this service...especially during a heat-wave. Nothing soothes the soul more than a cool drink of Apfelschorle, home-baked cookies, a bench, and a beautiful pastoral view.

I highly recommend Black Forest Tours for your next trip.

Visited July 2017

by Rodd M on The Black Forest Trail
Excellent Tour Operation

Simone was very helpful. The Black Forest is gorgeous. The hotels were wonderful. The people were super friendly & eager to help. If you are interested in hiking and being in the forest, this is an excellent place to go. Also: Germans really know how to do breakfast!

by Mike O on The Black Forest Trail
Excellent way to see the Black Forest

If you're going to spend a few days in the Black Forest, make sure you engage Simone as your guide. Every detail was taken care of--carefully labeled maps, thoughtful hotels, food and drink suggestions, and up-to-the-minute trail details. Thanks, Simone!

by Mike on The Black Forest Trail
highlight of our trip to Germany

Hello Simone-

The hiking tour was excellent--thank you! It was one of the highlights to our trip to Germany.

The maps were very clear and well-labeled, which was very helpful. I can tell you put a lot of work into keeping current on what the trail conditions are. The color photos of the intersections telling precisely where to go are particularly useful.

All the staff at the hotels were friendly and helpful. The breakfasts were excellent. Hotel Blume, however, was the highlight--their new addition is very comfortable and was a great place to start the hike.

Thank you again for your help--I have recommended your service to a few of my friends here in California who also enjoy hiking in Europe.

Best regards,

by Alice on The Black Forest Trail
wonderful hotel

Hello Simone,

We are at the Hotel Alder right now and it is wonderful. You have done a fantastic job with the welcome package, maps, etc. Thank-you!


by Troy Hartenstine on The Black Forest Trail
Amazing Hike

I cant get over how well documented this hiking package is. I expected a map and a few paragraphs about the trail. Instead they document every trail sign, every place to eat along the trail. Simply Amazing detail. Worth every penny.

by Jaslyn Dugmore on The Black Forest Trail
beautiful hike of the Black Forest

Hi Simone,

I really enjoyed my hike in the Black Forest - it was so beautiful and warm!

All of the hotels and staff were lovely; I can speak german however so I don't have any feedback on communicating with them in english! The rooms, breakfasts and facilities were all lovely and check in was easy. Thank you for booking such lovely hotels!
Your directions were really clear and easy to follow, thank you! The guide was incredibly helpful and I had a great time on my walk.

Thank you again.

Warmest regards,


by Megan on The Black Forest Trail
Beautiful hike

Hi Simone, We made it to our last hotel. We got rained on only a little today, so all-in-all we've been lucky with the weather. It's been a really beautiful hike.



  • Accommodation for 3 to 5 nights (family-owned hotels and one 4 star hotel)
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Free public transportation pass
  • Detailed route descriptions & maps


  • Additional nights
  • Transfers from various cities by car/driver


  • Travel to and from Germany
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses such as drinks, telephone calls, extra transfers (such as by taxi or when not included in public transport pass), tips, etc.

Season. The Black Forest Trail Package is available from mid-April to mid-October.

Arriving by plane? Nearest airports are Basle/Mulhouse and Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden. Frankfurt and Zurich are also good.

What to Bring. We recommend you bring sturdy walking boots and socks, swim suits, warm and waterproof clothes, a day pack, water bottle, insect repellent, sun glasses, sun hat, sun block, compass, flashlight/torch and a first-aid kit.

Travel Insurance. Make sure you have travel insurance covering you against illness, injury, loss or damage to property and cancellations.

Upgrades. All our hotels are small family-owned hotels. They are not fancy hotels, but clean and very friendly hotels. Most often you will meet some of the owners during your stay. Most hotels are either in middle of a cute Black Forest town, or within easy walking distance to the town. For a small upgrade fee we offer an upgrade in some (not all) hotels. If luxury hotels are important to you have a look at the Red Deer Trail Package instead.

Bathrooms.All rooms have private en-suite bathrooms.

Double Rooms. If you are booking a double room there is one double bed with 2 individual mattresses (not 2 twin beds). If you require separate beds we recommend booking 2 separate rooms.

Single Rooms. If you are traveling by yourself we charge a single room supplement. You will either be provided with a single room. Or with a double room for single use – based on availability.

Mobile Phone Coverage. Please note that the Black Forest is a mountainous area. Often there is no mobile phone coverage when hiking the Black Forest. If you require constant online access we do NOT recommend hiking the Black Forest. Consider staying in a large town like Baden-Baden or Freiburg instead.

Wi-Fi in hotels. All of our hotels have wi-fi but sometimes it can be spotty in your room – depending on the location of your room. If you require constant online access we do NOT recommend hiking the Black Forest. Consider staying in a large town like Baden-Baden or Freiburg instead.

Air-Conditioning. Summers can be very warm. Most hotels in Germany do not have any air-conditioning. Sometimes hotels can provide a fan for your room. Usually the hotel owners will tell you to sleep with the window open during the night – this is very common in Germany.

Restaurants. All hotels have a restaurant on site also (not all are open every day). Most often there are other restaurants within walking distance of your hotel.

Meals.  Breakfast is included with your booking. Lunch is NOT included. Lunch packages can be purchased at each hotel on the day of your hike (5-7 Euro per person). Dinner is not included. It can be purchased separately each evening

Luggage Transfers. Your luggage transfer is organized by us, Black Forest Tours. We ask you to use  the luggage tags you receive at the beginning of your tour to identify your luggage. When checking out of each hotel please drop off your luggage at the front desk. The hotel owner will know that your bag has to be transferred to the next hotel.

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