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Everyone is talking about Alsace! So why not spend a day over there in France while vacationing in the Black Forest? We show you beautiful medieval villages, some must-see touristy places (if desired),  make you taste the local food – cheeses, pastries, breads, desserts, wines, talk about history, the culture, show you scenic photo stops, visit some castles, put an focus on  WW1 or WW2 and much more. If you have a specific request about Alsace, please contact us

Good to know: Alsace Tours can be booked from April – October. Our Guided Tours and Driver-Only tours last 8 hours and start/end in the Black Forest.

Wanting to see both, the Black Forest and Alsace in a day? It is also very easy to combine a Black Forest tour with a taste of Alsace: In the morning we head over to France where a guide shows you one of the famous medieval towns. After we grab a quick bite to eat we head back to the Black Forest for a short visit. You get to see 2 countries in one day! These combined tours are available either as a Guided Tour. Or a Driver-Only tour. Good to know: If you have several days available we also offer Alsace/Black Forest Vacation Packages starting at 3 days/4 nights.

Guided Tour- Alsace

Touring with a private guide is the best way to see Alsace. You get the local insights and don’t have to worry or read up about anything – we take care of it all. We have several tours to choose from, depending on your interests. We can focus on history, scenery, towns and wine. Or we head up into the Vosges mountains to show you some of the World War sites.

Driver-Only Tour – Alsace

Driver-Only Tours offer the most cost-effective way to see Alsace and therefore our most popular tours. We provide a car and driver and Alsace tour itineraries to choose from. The driver will drop you off at specific points along the tour. Driver-Only tours to Alsace are usually full day tours if we start in Freiburg. We offers several Alsace itineraries to choose from.

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