Its exciting that you plan to spend a few days of your vacation in The Black Forest!

I am happy to help figure out the logistics, hotels and itinerary for you.

The questionnaire below is very helpful for organizing your time. Tell us about:

  1. You and your group
  2. Dates and duration
  3. Hotels
  4. Foods & Drinks
  5. Transportation
  6. Private Guides
  7. Activities
  8. Budget

    You can submit as much info as you like – the more, the better.

    1) About you and your group

    2) Date & Duration

    3) Hotels

    All our hotel rooms come with their own en-suite private bathroom. Breakfast is included. We put a lot of emphasis on our hotels – we think it is part of the experience to stay at a nice place. We will only work with hotels we have stayed at and love ourselves. If our hotels are booked (they are usually small places), we will propose other options.
    Many hotels in the Black Forest do not have A/C. Either because they are in historic buildings. Or in the mountains, where the temperatures are usually lower in summer. Let us know what your preferences are to make sure we can accommodate you
    Some travellers prefer to stay in one or two hotels. Others don’t mind switching hotels every night or every other night to experience other locations in the evening.

    4) Foods & Drinks

    5) Transportation

    6) Private Guides

    7) Activities

    8) Budget

    Your budget including hotels, tours, itinerary design, transportation. NOTE: Excluding meals, personal expenses, rental car

    9) Anything else?