Beautiful Baden-Baden

Its a funny name, but who hasn’t heard of Baden-Baden…second-most beautiful city in the state, horse-racing, spas, casino, beautiful people, high-society, warm climate, lots of history, and considered the ‘smallest metropolis’ in the world. Visitors like Napoleon, Brahms, Dostojewski, Tolstoi, Queen Victoria and modern-day celebrities like Sean Connery and others have helped give Baden-Baden the […]

Markgraeflerland? Never heard of it…..

The so-called area of Markgraeflerland is located at the southern end of the Black Forest. It’s the region between the Rhine and the mountains of the Black Forest, stretching from Freiburg to the Swiss border at Basle. The margraves of Baden who ruled here centuries ago gave this region its name. Markgraeflerland is often referred […]

Freiburg – warmest and sunniest city in Germany

Considered the warmest and sunniest city in Germany, Freiburg is the perfect city to stay in while visiting the Black Forest. Freiburg is a well-known university town and has a population of about 200,000. Though heavily bombed in World War 2 the old town has been beautifullly restored and has preserved much of its medieval […]

The Black Forest? I knew it was somewhere…

The Black Forest (in German: Schwarzwald) is essentially composed of two densely wooded mountain ranges in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in southwestern Germany. About 200 kilometres (120 miles) long and 60 kilometres (37 miles) wide, the Black Forest encompasses an area of approximately 12,000 km2(4,600 sq mi). It is bordered by the Rhine valley to […]