Triberg Titisee Tour

Triberg, Titisee & More (by bus & train)

Touring both Lake Titisee and the cuckoo clock town Triberg can be difficult if you are trying to do it by bus and train. Thats why we added a transfer by car to your tour. We also show you what not to miss in each location (and what's worth skipping). If you want to see the two most famous sights in the Black Forest and a lot more - this is the package for you.


Black Forest

Start / End

Offenburg / Freiburg


sightseeing, easy walking




4 days

Triberg, Titisee & More (by bus & train)

spring, summer, fall
4 days

If Triberg and Titisee are on your bucket list, then this is the right package for you. Great way of seeing the 2 most visited sights in the Black Forest on your own while we take care of the rest. We organize the hotels and your luggage transfer so you can see it all. Spending 2 nights in each town allows you to see both places without the crowds. This package covers most attractions in the Black Forest. You just have to pick & choose which ones to see. And which ones to skip.

  • We Handle All The Details
  • Hotel Included
  • Bus & train travel included
  • Private transfer included
  • See the top 2 sights of the Black Forest and much more
  • Detailed Itinerary & Maps
  • Add-on more days

If you want to see the two most famous sights in the Black Forest (and much more) – this is the package for you.

Triberg- the cuckoo clock capital

Whether you like cuckoo clocks or not, Triberg is always worth a visit. If you prefer nature over shops, then head up to Germany’s highest waterfalls which you can access from the town centre. Your hotel is located right in the middle of town – with easy access to shops and restaurants.

How about a cuckoo clock?

If you are looking to purchase a cuckoo clock Triberg and Titisee are probably the best places to find one. We provide you with an overview which stores to visit. And how to easily get there. Most shops will ship the clock to your house, so no wories about having to carry it home.

Titisee mountain lake

Enjoy some time off at the lake. There are plenty of things to do and see. If you want to get away from the crowds we provide you with info on how to explore the Black Forest on a walk instead. Or rent a bicycle for an afternoon and bike around the lake!

Great thing about this package: you are staying 2 nights in the Lake Titisee area. This allows you to see the lake in the morning and evening when the day tourists are gone. Experience the lake like a local, way from the crowds!

There are many sights in the area around Lake Titisee, for example the highest mountain in the Black Forest, a mountain coaster ride, a hanging bridge /tree top walk. And of course a waterfall. You have an entire day to see it all. With our instructions it is easy to get from one sight to the next by public transportation. Many visitors are struggling touring the Black Forest by bus and train. We know how to do it – trust us, we are the experts on local travel and you have a chance to see it all!

Off the beaten path

On your last day in the Black Forest we are taking you a bit off-the-beaten path. After seeing Lake Titisee and Triberg you now get to see a lesser-known area to tourists. Tour like a local in some of the prettiest Black Forest towns. You will be spending your last night in one of them. This might be the highlight of your tour!

How do I get from A to B?

Most of the time you will be touring by bus & train. We tell you exactly which train or bus to get on. And when to get off. We equip you with timetables and maps so you know where the bus is departing from. If there is no public transportation available our driver will pick you up and get you to the next hotel. You do not have to worry about anything. We take care of it all for you.

Is it for me?

  • Great way of seeing the 2 most visited sights in the Black Forest on your own while we take care of the rest.
  • If you are interested in purchasing a cuckoo clock this tour takes you there



(please note – the itinerary might be switched around depending on availability of hotels, that means you will start in Offenburg and end in Freiburg)

Arrival Day

Arrive in the Black Forest by train (arrival station is Freiburg im Breisgau). From here you switch to a regional train taking you to your first hotel, located a short train ride away from Freiburg in the Lake Titisee area.

Accommodation in Lake Titisee area (2 nights)

  • standard hotels with no A/C

We work with 2 small hotels in the Lake Titisee area –

  • one located right at Lake Titisee.
  • And one located in a pretty Black Forest mountain town 10 minutes away (by bus) from the lake.

Most often we give you a choice so you can choose the location of your preferred hotel. But – If you want to avoid the crowds at Lake Titisee, we highly recommend staying in the small mountain town.

Day 1: Lake Titisee & main sights

Today you have a chance to see all the highlights of the area – we provide you with all details. Hop on the bus to get to the highest mountain in the Black Forest and take a cable car ride up to the top of the mountain! Or hop on a mountain coaster and slide down the mountain. There is also a tree top walk on a hanging bridge which takes you over a waterfall. If you are not that adventurous you can also visit the waterfall on foot.

In the afternoon take it easy at Lake Titisee – hop on a boat, go for a swim. And if you are an active person we tell you where to go for a walk in the forest. We know a secret place you have to see!

There is so much to see and do in this area you might not be able to see it all. But no worries – you have another half day tomorrow to keep on exploring.

Hotel: same as night before

Day 2 – transfer to Triberg

After breakfast you have all morning to explore the Lake Titisee a bit longer. After lunch time our driver will meet you and take you on a scenic drive to the clock area. Enjoy this scenic 1 hour ride through the Black Forest with a private car and chauffeur – lean back and relax!

After stopping at one of  worlds largest cuckoo clocks the driver will drop you off at your hotel in Triberg. Then start exploring. We provide you with all the options to see the sights in the clock area

Accommodation in Triberg (2 nights)

  • standard hotel with A/C 

Day 3  – Triberg all day

You have all day to explore Triberg. Visit the waterfalls, take it easy in town, hunt down that cuckoo clock, stop by the Black Forest museum. Great thing: you get to see Triberg when all the day tourists are gone. This is the way to tour!

Hotel: same as night before

Day 4 – Black Forest towns

Today you are on your own touring by train and bus. No worries – we take care of your luggage transfer. Today you have a chance to see a lesser-known area of the Black Forest. After Lake Titisee and Triberg you now get to see some beautiful Black Forest towns – have your camera ready because there are many places worth taking picture of! We provide you with all info to see some of the most picturesque towns. There is also the option to visit the open-air farmhouse museum Vogtsbauernhof. Or even go on a scenic walk or hike. 

Accommodation: small Black Forest town (1 night)

  • standard hotel with A/C.

You are staying in a recently opened family hotel in the heart of a very cute Black Forest town. Lots of restaurants to have dinner at – you will love this town!

Departure Day

after breakfast head to the train station (10 minute flat walk from hotel) and depart to Offenburg (train ride to Offenburg included). From here you can get to any other destination in Germany (train ride to next destination not included)

If you have more time available for touring we recommend to spend a night in Freiburg. Explore the city with our self-guided walking tour


  • standard hotel in the old town centre (no A/C)
  • upgrade to hotel with A/C 


Good to Know

  • Accommodation for 5 nights in 3 hotels in 3 locations
  • Double Rooms with en-suite Bathroom
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Private Transfer between Triberg and Titisee (included)
  • Welcome Package
  • Telephone support during your stay
  • Train travel to Black Forest to start your tour
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Travel insurance. Make sure you have travel insurance covering you against illness, injury, loss or damage to property and cancellations.
  • Personal expenses such as drinks, tips, telephone calls, extra transfers (such as by taxi or when not included in public transport pass).
  • Season: This vacation package is available from May to October.

This package is available as a 4 day/5 night package. You can easily add-on more days.

Hotel Location

  • You will be staying in 3 different locations – Triberg, Titisee area and a small  Black Forest town

Hotel Category

  • All our hotels are in walking distance to the main sights

Hotel Rooms

  • Double Rooms. If you are booking a double room there is one double bed with 2 individual mattresses (not 2 twin beds). If you require separate beds we recommend booking 2 separate rooms. In rare cases twin beds are available, please inquire.
  • Single Rooms. If you are traveling by yourself we charge a single room supplement. You will either be provided with a single room. Or with a double room for single use – based on availability.
  • Upgrades.  Upgrades are not possible with this package
  • Bathrooms. All rooms have private en-suite bathrooms.
  • Air-Conditioning. Summers can be very warm. Most hotels in Germany do not have air-conditioning. Some of our hotels do have A/C, some do not. Please let us know what your needs are.  If there is no A/C  the hotels recommend to sleep with the window open during the night – this is very common in Germany.
  • detailed route descriptions & maps, tour route available in app also
  • we provide you with all the info you need to tour both Triberg and Titisee
  • tour with our mobile app 
  • Mobile Phone Coverage. Please note that the Black Forest is a mountainous area. Often there is no mobile phone coverage when touring the Black Forest. 
  • Wi-Fi in hotels. All of our hotels have wi-fi but sometimes it can be spotty in your room – depending on the location of your room.
  • If you require constant online access we do NOT recommend touring the Black Forest. Consider staying in a large town like Baden-Baden or Freiburg instead.

Where you will be touring

Touring Triberg Black Forest

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