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Summer Trails

Starting from Freiburg this tour takes you to high mountains, small towns, great vista points and several must-see sights. Combined with a bit of activity (short walks up to 7km/5miles), bus rides, hotels and local culture this package provides the beginner hiker with a good overview of the Black Forest. You see some touristy spots. But also some off-the-beaten-path places.


Black Forest

Start / End



sightseeing, easy walking


up to 7 km daily




3 days

Summer Trails

3 days

This is one of our favorite packages because it provides you with everything you could possibly want during your visit to the Black Forest: you get to visit 2 towns (Freiburg & Staufen), and you get to visit the mountains. You get to experience some off-the-beaten-path places as well as some touristy locations. There is a bit of walking/hiking (not too much) – Great package for beginner hikers who are also interested in some sight-seeing.

  • We Handle All The Detail
  • Luggage Transfer Included
  • Hotels Included
  • 3 days/ 4 nights
  • Detailed Route Descriptions & Maps
  • We are only a phone call away

Looking for a bit of activity, a good mixture of sights, nature & towns? Prefer to stay off-the-beaten path? This is the package for you!

Good combination of touristy and non-touristy

This tour package takes you to the southern part of the Black Forest. This area is not very touristy – this is where you find the locals on the weekends. While tourists often focus on the must-see sights like the cuckoo clock area, the thermal baths in Baden-Baden or touristy Lake Titisee – the deep south is where you find some of the hidden gems. Public transportation can be a bit of an issue. And driving a car on the curvy mountain roads of the South is not so easy either. But no worries – with our tour package we tell you exactly how to navigate through the South like a local.

This package is called Summer Trails since it can only be toured in summer due to the weather and bus connections.

What’s the itinerary like?

Your vacation starts in Freiburg, the capital of the Black Forest. Recently Lonely Planets published its ‘Best in Travel 2022”, and considers Freiburg one of the top 3 cities in the world (!) to visit. Lonely Planet points out that “This charismatic, environmentally conscious Black Forest metropolis can show many of us a few more tricks on how to live responsibly” and praises Freiburg as particularly sunny, compact and environmentally friendly. Next, the tour takes you to the small town of Staufen. And we cannot agree more with Rick Steves who says ‘Staufen is an enjoyable town to explore – it feels real and is welcoming visitors without being a touris trap’

The next 2 days you spend in nature – a cozy hotel in the mountains is waiting for you on night 3. The following day you have the option to do some sightseeing: walk across the new hanging bridge, visit a waterfalls or do an exciting mountain coaster ride. Your tour today ends in Freiburg where you spend the last night.

Each day you have the option to do a hike – or skip the hike and go to the next hotel by bus instead.

Is this an active holiday package?

Yes and no. You certainly have to move a little bit each day. But if you can walk 3 miles a day in total you should be fine handling the distances. There is also no time pressure-you can take it easy if you’d like. And -there is always the option to hop on a bus or train if you really don’t feel like walking one day. Otherwise – if you are an active person you can easily add-on more miles. There is always another mountain to climb or another sight to see – if you want to get those steps in.

In 2023 the Freiburg& Beyond Package is available with from July 1 to October 31st with a recommended start on Saturday, Sundays or Mondays.

The Black Forest Explorer

Is it for me?

This package is good for people who prefer to stay off the beaten path. And don’t care whether they see the must-see sights or not as long as they get to see the real country. If you want to immerse in the local culture, enjoy people watching and don’t mind whether everyone speaks English or not – this is ideal for you. Personally this is one of our favorite packages – because it really shows you how beautiful the area is. From a local’s point of view. Great combination -small towns (Staufen), bigger towns (Freiburg) and lots of nature & scenery in between.

This package is not available for solo travellers.


Arrival Info

Arrive in the Black Forest by train (destination train station is Freiburg). 

If you are arriving early we recommend that you head into town (a short 10 minute walk) for a quick orientation.


We will provide you with plenty of options on where to grab a bite to eat in the evening in Freiburg.


  • standard hotel

We work with a family-owned hotel in Freiburg –  located very close to the train station.

Description of your day

  • Morning. You have all morning to explore Freiburg on your own. Head to the farmer’s market like a local and see for yourself what’s in season. Then head to one of the many lunch places in the old town to taste some of the local specialties. 
  • If you’d like you can add-on a Guided Walking Tour of Freiburg – Otherwise we will equip you with a self-guided tour (included) – all you need is a mobile phone so you can download our touring app
  • After lunch you will hop on a bus to the wine country.
  • After a short bus ride you arrive in the wine area. A short walk (7 km) will take you to the town of Staufen. 
  • Evening. Enjoy a taste of the local wine (included) before strolling through town to find the best place for dinner.


  • standard hotel

Your hotel is located in the old town of Staufen with easy access to everything. Your luggage is already waiting for you at your hotel.



Description of your day

  • Morning. After breakfast you have more time to explore Staufen. If you haven’t done so yet then head up to the castle ruin for one of the best views of town. Or how about tasting one of the best Black Forest cakes available in the Black Forest?
  • Lunch. Grab a sandwich To Go to take along for your afternoon tour. Or enjoy lunch in town.
  • After lunch you will want to start walking towards the next town (5 km, flat walk). Here our driver will pick you up and take you onto a scenic drive to your next hotel.  
  • Upon arrival at your hotel we recommend heading to the cable car station and continuing on to the mountain top. If the weather is nice you can even see the Alps in Switzerland from here! Optional short walk (2 km) on the mountain top.


  • wellness hotel in the mountains





Description of your day

Today you have quite a few options. Choose between activities or sights. Or both! You will end your day in Freiburg.


  • standard hotel in Freiburg.



Departure Info

 The train station of Freiburg is in walking distance to your hotel and trains leave every few minutes.

No rush – if you want to explore a bit more, then store the luggage at your hotel and head out – trains run until late night so there is no time pressure.

Addding on an extra day?

This might be the right thing to do – since there is so much to see and to in this area. We can also set you up with a private hiking guide to take you on a challenging (or relaxed) hiking tour. Your choice!

Good to Know

  • 4 nights of accommodation in double room with private bathroom
  • 4 breakfast 
  • 4 days of  free transportation on local busses and trains
  • luggage transfer between all hotels
  • welcome bag with useful items for your tour (water bottle, etc)
  • wine tasting and local food tasting
  • bus ride on day 1
  • roundtrip cable car ride Belchen mountain
  • entrance to hanging bridge
  • Travel to/from Freiburg
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Travel insurance. Make sure you have travel insurance covering you against illness, injury, loss or damage to property and cancellations.
  • Personal expenses such as drinks, tips, telephone calls, extra transfers (such as by taxi or when not included in public transport pass).
  • Season. This package  is available in the summer months (July, August, September)
  • Starting day. Recommended arrival days: Sundays – Fridays.  

This package is available as a 3 day/4 night package. You can easily add-on more days. 

The minimum you need is 3 days/4 nights. We highly recommend to stay longer though – there is so much to see and do, it is easy to spend a week in the Black Forest without getting bored. We can add guided hikes or tours to your package. Or even add-on a trip across the border to Alsace in France. Tell us what you have in mind and we tell you if it can be done.

Please inquire 

The hotels we include in this package are all small family-owned hotel. (only in Freiburg will you be staying in a larger hotel). They are not  fancy hotels, but clean and very friendly. Most often you will meet the owners during your stay. 

  • Double Rooms. If you are booking a double room there is one double bed with 2 individual mattresses (not 2 twin beds). If you require separate beds we recommend booking 2 separate rooms. In rare cases twin beds are available, please inquire.
  • Single Rooms. If you are traveling by yourself we charge a single room supplement. You will either be provided with a single room. Or with a double room for single use – based on availability.
  • Upgrades.  Upgrades are not possible with this package
  • Bathrooms. All rooms have private en-suite bathrooms.
  • Air-Conditioning. Summers can be very warm. Most hotels in Germany do not have air-conditioning. Sometimes hotels can provide a fan for your room. Usually the hotel owners will tell you to sleep with the window open during the night – this is very common in Germany.
  • Elevators. Please note that our hotels most often do not have elevators – you will have to walk a flight of stairs to get to your room. 
  • comfortable walking boots and socks 
  • warm and waterproof clothes
  • a day pack is useful
  • rain gear
  • sun glasses, sun hat, sun block

You will receive detailed route notes and maps from us upon check-in at your first hotel. 

Starting 2022 you have a choice between touring with a paper map & route description. Or using our app to navigate during the day (mobile device required, no data plan needed)



  • Mobile Phone Coverage. Please note that the Black Forest is a mountainous area. Often there is no mobile phone coverage when touring the Black Forest. 
  • Wi-Fi in hotels. All of our hotels have wi-fi but sometimes it can be spotty in your room – depending on the location of your room.
  • If you require constant online access we do NOT recommend touring the Black Forest. Consider staying in a large town like Baden-Baden or Freiburg instead.

Where you will be touring

visiting freiburg black forest

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