Ravenna Gorge Hike

Ravenna Gorge Hike, Self-Guided

A short train ride away from Freiburg you have the chance to hike famous Ravenna Gorge - a real Black Forest Experience. We provide you with all info you need to do this 8 km hike on your own. With our self-guided tour it is easy to follow the hiking trail on your own. Our app tracks your position so you always know where you are and where to go next. You are in for a real treat!


Black Forest

Start / End





about 8 km




3-5 hours

Ravenna Gorge Hike, Self-Guided

spring, summer, fall
3-5 hours

Visiting Freiburg is not complete without a hike in the Black Forest. There are many hiking trails around Freiburg. But for a real Black Forest experience you need to hop on a train and head into the Black Forest mountains.

Looking for a hike you can do on your own?

Only a short train ride away from Freiburg you find one of the most hidden-secrets of the Black Forest: The Ravenna Gorge. In the past we always recommended to hike Ravenna Gorge with a guide. But with our self-guided tours it is easy to follow the hiking trail on your own. Our app tracks your position so you always know where you are and where to go next. Our tour has a lot of pictures and descriptions to provide you with all the background info on the sights you see while hiking. If you prefer to do this hike with a private guide please contact us. This is one of our most popular hikes because you really get it all: Besides the classic, dark Black Forest gorge hike next to waterfalls, you get a lot of Black Forest history, a few touristy things, the oldest chapel in the Black Forest, the areas largest cuckoo clock. Our self-guided hike takes you down into a valley famous for its ancient mills that once made everything from rope to spoons. You will see how people thrived hundreds of years ago. You are in for a real treat!


  • Get out of the city and experience the real Black Forest at Ravenna Gorge
  • Get a lot of Black Forest history during one hike
  • Hike along streams and waterfalls in this classic, dark Black Forest gorge
  • Visit the oldest chapel in the Black Forest
  • Take a picture of the area’s largest cuckoo clock

How do you get to the start of the hike?

Our self-guided hiking tour starts outside of the train station in Hinterzarten. Our app tracks your location so you cannot get lost. You are ready to go once you arrive in Hinterzarten.

If you are arriving from Freiburg, you will need to take a short 30 minute train ride to get to Hinterzarten. Trains from Freiburg depart every 20 minutes. Purchase a train ticket at the train station in Freiburg, then hop on any train to Hinterzarten.

If you have your own car, the destination is Hinterzarten. Park your car at the train station in Hinterzarten. Your hike starts from there.

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Great self-guided tour for anyone staying in Freiburg and wanting to do a real Black Forest hike.




Good to Know

This is a self-guided tour. It is not a live tour with a guide.
You need to install the app prior to touring and download the tour content.

Everything you need is included in one download. There are content, images, videos, audio and maps.

The tour follows a set route and includes turn-by-turn directions. It works best if you follow the directions from one location to the next.

Once you download the tour, everything is entirely contained on your device, you do not need a data plan. The tour will function without a cellular connection.

This is a self-guided tour that you can start, pause, or restart at any time and complete at your own pace. 

  • transportation costs to get to the starting point
  • personal expenses (food, souvenirs)
  • available any day, any time

The total cost of our Self-Guided Hiking Tour of Ravenna Gorge is 11,99 Euro per person.

You can purchase it directly on our website at https://2gotours.com/tours/walking-tours/ravenna-gorge-hike/

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See what some of our customers say who have done this tour before:

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 3 reviews
 by Thomas H on Black Forest Tours

Excellent experience with Bärbel, our guide, who went from deep historical notes to current items. She met us in a timely manner, and was very personable and pleased to share her experiences and knowledge with us.

 by maple244 on Black Forest Tours

We visited Freiburg for a half-day and took a private tour with Black Forest Tours. Our guide, Iris, was fantastic. We learned so much about the history of Freiburg. Iris showed us some of the main sites and areas of Freiburg, but also the hidden gems. Iris was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. After our tour, we felt we could really appreciate the unique charm of Freiburg and its people. Thank you!

 by Francesca L on Black Forest Tours

Annemarie was a super guide. She showed us around Freiburg, pitching it just right (our group included 4 children aged 10, 11, 13 and 14). A really enjoyable way to experience Freiburg.

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