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Walking Tour (Freiburg)

According to Lonely Planet's 'Best in Travel 2022' Freiburg is considered one of the the top 3 cities in the world to visit. We believe your visit to the Black Forest is not complete unless you spend some time in its capital Freiburg. On our walking tour of Germany's warmest and sunniest town you will realize that there is probably no better town in Germany to live in.


Black Forest

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sightseeing, easy walking


about 2 km




1-2 hours

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Walking Tour (Freiburg)

spring, summer, fall, winter
1-2 hours

Your visit to the Black Forest is not complete unless you spend some time in Freiburg, known as the capital of the Black Forest. Many visitors combine their Freiburg Walking Tour with a half day tour of the Black Forest. Only in combination with the surrounding countryside do you really get to see how locals live!

We show you corners in the old town tourists usually miss.

On this 90 minute Freiburg Walking Tour we will take you on a tour around the old town centre. You will discover what the ‘Bächle’ are and why you do not want to step into them. Find out how long it took to build the cathedral – and what the secret is behind the cobblestone streets in Freiburg. Our Freiburg City Tours are fun, entertaining – we show you corners in the old town tourists usually miss.

Must-See Freiburg

In the just-released “Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2022”, Freiburg is considered one of the top 3 cities in the world to visit. It ranks third because of its “enviable high quality of life.” Lonely Planet says: “The charismatic, environmentally conscious Black Forest metropolis can show many of us a few more tricks on how to live responsibly,” and praises Freiburg as particularly sunny, compact and environmentally friendly.

Nothing better than a Guided Tour

Today you can easily find all the relevant info about a tour online. There are even audiotours taking you around. But we believe that nothing replaces the value you get out of a Guided Tour. All our Freiburg Walking Tours are private tours – which means the guide can focus on what you want to see and learn. Not interested in the history of our cathedral? No problem – let’s move on to what you are interested in!

Is it for me?

  • Great tour for anyone staying in Freiburg and wanting to get to know the town with a local


  • our guide meets you in the old town of Freiburg. If your hotel is located in the old town we can also pick you up from there.
  • our guides are trained to listen to your wants and needs. At the beginning of the tour we find out if you have a special interest in something and try to build the walking tour around that theme.


Good to Know

  • Guides: (Knowledgable, English Speaking, Certified by the Black Forest Park Association, Members of the German National Tourist Guide Association (BVGD)
  • getting to Freiburg
  • hotel
  • personal expenses (food, souvenirs)
  • Our guided tours usually run 90 minutes. We tour any day of the week – just tell us when you are in town and let’s meet up!
  • the total cost of our Guided Walking Tour is 145 Euro for a group of up to 15 people (this is not a per person price, but a total price for the entire group)
  • Our prices are all inclusive. Our guides are paid by the hour. If you enjoyed your tour, our guides  certainly appreciate a tip – but it is NOT expected.

Where you will be touring

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