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Freiburg Culinary Tour

Are you more interested in food than history? If you need a break from history, castles, and cuckoo clocks, Freiburg is definitely worth visiting simply for it’s culinary excellence. Our Culinary tours make sure that you get a taste of every local specialty there is. If you want an on-ramp to experience the culinary culture, this tour is for you.


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Freiburg Culinary Tour

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There is definitely more to the Black Forest than Black Forest cake and Black Forest ham. Vogue magazine says The Black Forest; “is perhaps the world’s most unexpected restaurant capital.“ And the town known as ‘Germany’s Secret Gourmet Capital‘ with a total of seven (7) Michelin stars is located right here – in the heart of the Black Forest. If you want an on-ramp to experience the culinary culture of this region, then our 2 hour Freiburg Culinary Tour might be just what you need. We take you across the farmer’s market, and make you see, taste and experience the local food.

What’s a Culinary Tour like?

Our Culinary Tours start with a visit to Freiburg’s Farmers Market. From there we take you on some of the backstreets of Freiburg to show you where to eat and where to drink!

When was the last time you bought your groceries directly from the farmer? Our Expert Culinary Guide can answer almost any question you might have about eating and drinking in the Black Forest and Freiburg. Our guide has her own cooking blog and loves to try out new recipes. There is no better way to tour through Freiburg’s food-sections than with her!

We show you where the locals shop for food and drink in Freiburg. We eat and drink our way through the open-air market, restaurants and cafes. Do you know where to get the best cheesecake in all of Germany? We do! (and much more)

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Simone, we thoroughly enjoy our time with Doro yesterday on the culinary tour, Doro was excellent! We are now traveling east, and I recall you talking about the best fish sandwich on Lake Constance. Can you remind me where that was. Thanks for your help.


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